Thursday, May 17, 2012

True Lover's Knot Block (Spokane, WA)

On The Cutting Board
A couple of years ago, I read Emilie Richards' Lover's Knot.  I became interested in the quilt pattern and did a little research.   When I looked up the True Lover's Knot I found two different patterns.   One used the Bow Tie block:
The other one used a variation of the Orange Peel pattern which is what Emilie described in her book:

I don't know why, but I am attracted to curved patterns.  I have made a few Drunkards Path blocks in the past.  I love sewing the curves by hand and this one wasn't going to be any different.  I made templates using paper pattern rubber-glued to quilter's template plastic.  I dug out my trusty add-a-quarter-inch-seam wheel and some 1930s fabrics.  I use 0.7 mechanics pencil to get a nice crisp line to mark the pieces.  Plus, the tip fits nicely into the wheel's center.
I find marking and cutting my  pieces by hand to be very relaxing.  Using the rotary cutter is fast, but can be hard on my back and shoulders.
To pin curved pieces, I crease both in the center...
and that is where the first pin goes.  I slowly pin and adjust all the way to one end before starting the other side.

I know it looks like a pin cushion, but it saves me from having to re-position them if they shift.
Pins and lines match up - looks good on both sides...
Time to sew using the running stitch...
Soon, I have my first block... Don't you think the Retro colors are perfect for a traditional block? 
Okay, my fingers are starting to itch...I need to get back to my quilt blocks...but first here are a couple of photos from this area.....

Everywhere I look in Spokane, I see flowers.  Of course, most of them are in people's yards and I don't want to be standing in front of their house taking photographs.  Spring time here in Spokane is wonderful!  Not great for the allergies, but it is worth taking a pill to enjoy the beauty.  

I saw some Quail on my way to the dumpster, so I ran back to our motorhome for my camera.  I only got a couple of pictures.  This guy seemed to be the leader.  While the others moved away, he stayed behind to see what I was doing.  Once the others were safe, he took off.  
Happy Quilting!


  1. thanks for sharing i have to find my ufo that is the drunkard path. Your colors are great. We are packing for a bluebird getogether in Michigan starting the 24th....Glass rally. Maybe i can get some hand piecing done...

  2. Funny that the quail was interested in the quilter. Thank you for sharing the intricacy of your work. I love to see how you create from start to finish. Wonderful.

    1. Thanks Rachel! He was keeping a good eye on me, that is for sure!

  3. Love the quilt block! The colors and pattern are great. You have so much patience to do that intricate work. (Of course, I knew that because you also have the patience to wait, watch, and get your fabulous bird photos!)

  4. I love seeing your step by step process here. The turquoise fabric is beautiful.

  5. I handstitched a little quilt with this block all in blues! I found the block in an old book called Rose Dreams so I called mine Delft Dreams.


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