Friday, May 11, 2012

The Lover's Knot (Plymouth, WA)

Hitch ~ oh yea, I can smell the grass
The Lover’s Knot ~ A Someday Quilts Mystery by Clare O’Donohue

I loved this book!  It's cozy.  It's filled with quilt talk.  And it's a murder mystery.  My favorite combination!

If you like Jennifer Chiaverini’s first book: The Quilter’s Apprentice, you will enjoy The Lover's Knot.

I found myself in quite a dilemma…to read or to quilt.  So I would  read a couple of chapters then my fingers would start to itch and I just had to go quilt or do some kind of hand work.  All the quilt talk in the story had me motivated to get busy quilting.  I wish this series was available in audible format so I could listen to the quilters solving the mystery while I worked on my projects.

Nell Fitzgerald is the main character.  Nell is no stranger to the quilting world, but she is not a quilter…yet.   Right after she receives her grandmother’s wedding quilt, Nell is devastated by her co-worker/fiancée admiting he is not ready to get married.  Nell decides to get away from NYC and visit her sensible grandmother Eleanor in Archers Rest.  A small town where everyone know everybody's business.  Eleanor just happens to be the owner of a well-establish quilt shop – Someday Quilts.  I love discovering quilt shops like Someday Quilts – packed to the rafters with fabrics, tools, and books with quilts hanging everywhere.  sigh! oh sorry...back to the story..

Nell meets the Friday night group – The Someday Quilters.  Soon everyone in Nell’s new life along with the return of Nell’s ex(?)-fiancée are all tangled up in a murder mystery with small town secrets.  Most amateur detectives are unwilling participates in solving a mystery, but not Nell!  She openly admits that she is having fun playing detective despite being told to stop being a snoop by a very handsome Police Chief.

Between murder and romance, Nell starts learning about quilting.  I love the way Clare smoothly added little quilting lessons into the story.  In one part, Eleanor explains to Nell the measurements of a fat-quarter starting with a ¼ yard to why the fat quarter is more useful to the quilter.  Nell soon discovers quilting can be very therapeutic for the mind and soul.

I can't wait to start the next one:  A Drunkard's Path
A Drunkard's Path: A Someday Quilts Mystery (Someday Quilts Mysteries (Plume Paperback))

Travel Day

One more travel day!  We plan to spend a week in Spokane before heading west on the North Cascades Highway. 
 It is so nice to be back in the NW area.  I miss all the green, the crystal clear rivers, the tall snow-capped mountains, and the rocky coast.  Oregon and Washington will always have a special place in my heart.

Happy Trails!


  1. I think I have it all figured out ... Finish the batik quilt, pack it in my suitcase with the book list, leave the quilt in Oregon, fill the suitcase back up with books from your list. Clothing? who needs it?

  2. You always manage to get such wonderful photos. I think I might want to read that book...thank you for the great review! Be safe!

  3. Great photos and I definitely want to get ahold of those books! I just left Oregon. Great place to travel! But I'm glad to be back in Tunisia, back to my studio...
    best, nadia

  4. We are sooo alike!! I just finished the first two books and just downloaded the third to my ereader! I had to hold off starting it until I finished my final exam today. Enjoy your time up north. Send some cool weather our way. Its supposed to be almost 100 tomorrow. yuck!


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