Monday, April 9, 2012

Running to Catch Up (Las Vegas, NV)

I'm exhausted, but in a good way.  The last few days have been very busy, so I am going to get you caught up with what I have been doing.

Cruisin' The Strip
We cruised The Strip on our first night here.  So much to see all at once is an understatement.  I have whiplash from trying to see everything as we crept along The Strip.  Jam packed with buildings, people, lights, music, smells of food, huge advertising signs - it's another world that's for sure!
New York New York
Paris on The Strip

Easter Sunday
I hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter.  We went to Boulder Station for the Easter Brunch Buffet yesterday.  So much food, not to mention delicious!  We spent the next four hours walking around to different casinos to view gardens, fountains, and massive decorated hotel lobbies. 

I have so many photos to edit from our walking around yesterday and that is just day 1.  I'll be chained to the computer for awhile after this visit.  This photo is from the Bellagio's Conservatory.
Floral Camouflage 
I'll catch you up on Las Vegas later...

On the Cutting Board
Off the cutting board is more like it!  All three Uncle Sams are done!  WooHoo!   Kim was right.  I needed a break.  After a nice rest, I picked up one Uncle Sam and I could not stop working on them.  I will list one a day - starting today.  

So, I'm all caught up on my Etsy projects.  Time to start some new ones....hmmm

Thoughts on Pahrump
Our stay at Pair-a-Dice Skp Co-op was pleasant, but we did not find the area appealing.  People are friendly and very helpful.  Pahrump doesn't have much to offer except for a super Walmart, and a few small grocery stores.  I found the area a little too dry and not much to offer for my quilting needs...okay,  wants.  Not even a JoAnns or a bookstore.
Permanents with building between them
There is very little imagination going into the park so I did not take very many photos. The Co-op offers one cookie-cutter style building with two connected sheds.  They are all painted in similar colors.  No different designs or styles so there is no individual tastes except for what the owner does with the porch and the front yard.
view of shared building.  Front yard belongs to the other side.
The shared owners are parked on opposite sides with plenty of space for a large rig and their vehicle.  Hopefully, everyone likes their neighbor since they are sharing the building.  Each owner also gets a porch/patio and a front yard on the opposite sides facing the street.  There are quite a few permanents so less are available for travelers.
Patio and covered porch with front yard on our side.
Everyone looks for something different.  For us, our two favorites are Benson, AZ and The Ranch, NM.  We still have a few more to visit though so there's always a chance we will change our minds.

Oh! and last but definitely not least ~ 
I won a $50 Amazon card from Social Strand Media.  WooHoo!  All I had to do was follow them on Twitter then Tweet that I was following them.  I have been getting their newsletter for awhile now and I have learned a lot.  Social Strand Media advice is great for business and non-business bloggers.  They plan to have another contest on 20 April, so go visit Social Strand Media!

Whew!  I'm winded!  Have a great week!


  1. Congrats on winning the Amazon card!! lucky you :)

  2. Well, we could have met for dinner! I just got back from a spontaneous trip to Vegas with my hubby. How funny, I even told my husband about you as we passed the exit to Death Valley. Pahrump is really not my kind of place, dry, nothing to do. Hope you didn't leave too much in the slot machines!

  3. Sounds like a fun Easter! Did you get lucky with the slot machines there? I was underage last time I went so didn't get a chance to play.

    And just so you know, I'm using Firefox, and when I try to click your craftcult widget to see your items in Etsy, the entire thing just disappears and won't link to your shop. It might just be my browser, not sure what you use.

    1. Hi Holly, I lost $3. I'll try again to see if my luck has changed.

      How odd that it disappears. I use Google Chrome most of the time. Explorer for other things. I haven't had any problems clicking on the Craftcult. Maybe I need to change my widget if others are having trouble too.
      Thanks for letting me know!

  4. ugh!! I was supposed to be at Nellis AFB right now with my hubby!! We could have met up!! Too bad!! Sometime we'll meet up!!

    Love the Uncle Sams!

  5. Oooh ... did you see the Sirens pirate show at Treasure Island or the live mermaid show at Silverton? Those were my favorite free sights when I went there for my birthday back in February.

    Adorable Uncle Sams! ^.^


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