Monday, April 23, 2012

The Fins Have It (Las Vegas, NV)

This is a continuation from my last post:

I wanted to share some photos of the Bottle-nosed Dolphins from the Secret Garden.  We were so close that we were warned cameras could end up wet in the 'splash zone'.  We were there at a good time.  The dolphins' caretakers were feeding them and asking them to do a few tricks.
At one point, all the caretakers were busy with a small meeting near the pool and not paying attention to what the dolphins were doing behind their backs.  They are as bad as kids when Mommy and Daddy are not watching them.
Hey!  Look at me!
Such a cute smile....
aww...come on, throw a fish.

Smile isn't working.  eeeeeeeee!  translated means
I'm hungry!  How about some fish?
Yea! Fish!
Yipee! Skippy!
I got a fish!
The White Lion slept the whole time during our visit.  At least, he was facing us while he was sleeping.  Such a peaceful looking fellow...big fellow with big paws.  I certainly would not want to disturb his sleep and have him wake up grouchy.
Do Not Disturb
Tired Kitty
On the Cutting Board
While embroidering the redwork Teddy Bears, I noticed the red thread was bleeding onto the white background.  I started to worry because it took very little moisture to make the red thread bleed onto the white background.  I could see the quilt's whites turning pink after the first wash until I read about some color catcher sheets.....
I was reading the Quilting Board and came across another quilter asking if she should wash her quilt before giving it away.  Many said they did wash their quilts before giving them to the new owner.  One mentioned that she always washed her quilts with Shout Color Catcher sheets.  

I decided to give the sheets a try.  According to the box, you can wash all sorts of colors together and the sheets will catch the runaway dyes.  It also mentions with dark or red colors to use more than one sheet.  Okay, so that has me wondering - if I don't use enough sheets will it not do its job?

9:05 am ~ So, I'm running a test today.  The redwork is in the wash with 2 sheets as I write this post.  We have a low-water European washer/dryer so I'm also worried the sheets will not work as well.  Fingers are crossed....
10:45 am ~ After close inspection, I have to say the color catcher sheets are a great success!  The whites in the quilt are white and the runaway red dye is in the sheets.  Those are the two sheets that were in the wash.  The two pink sheets were white when I tossed them into the wash.

Happy Quilting!


  1. My #1 son had my name for Christmas and asked what I wanted. I had heard of those color catchers so asked hom for some. I haven't used them yet but they certainly get good reviews.

  2. Dolphins are so beautiful! How much fun to be so close to them! Great photos (love the captions too) :)

  3. Love the dolphins. and the lion is so beautiful. I love the big cats, but I wouldn't want to get too close!

  4. hi sandy
    just caught up on your blog,what fun you are having and thank you for the pictures. Enjoying my mom here in snowstormy Buffalo NY. It is a great feeling when those quilts get done

  5. Great photos! I love the dolphin expressions that you captured.

  6. Incredible pictures as always. My favorite is the lion. I had my fingers crossed as I read your post. I am so glad the color catcher worked!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

      I am too. I was so worried about the quilt that I kept peaking at it through the machine's window. Wouldn't you know it ~ the quilt was folded in on itself so I could only see the backing.


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