Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose (Las Vegas, NV)

Dan found an excellent little Mexican restaurant in the NW corner of Las Vegas.  The food was delicious for a decent price.  After eating, we stopped at a park that was down the block from the restaurant.  I had to grab my camera because I could see these roses were just begging to be photographed!
 Do you think I take a lot of photos?  I do.  I finally cleaned out my hard drive the other day.  I don't know what's with me this week - I'm just in this mood for finishing and cleaning things up for some reason.  Spring cleaning?  Maybe....but I digress....
 ...Okay, back to too many photos.  
I moved all of last years photos into one 2011 folder and uploaded the folder to my two external hard drives.  It took 20 minutes to upload because I had over 7200 photos to move!  Yep, 7200 photos and that is after cleaning out many of the files of bad photos.  At one point, I had 400 photos in the Recycle.  I never let it fill like that again since it took awhile for the Recycle bin to empty!
Why so many?  Once, another photographer asked me if I knew the difference between an amateur photographer and an expert photographer.  I did not know.  His answer:  The difference is in how many photos they take.
I have been using that advice and it does make a difference especially when taking action photos.  With the roses, I took photos from every angle.  What looked great to the eye, did not always look great in a photo. 
And then there's the 365Project where I need to upload a photo a day.  That can turn into a bunch of photos for just one photo to be uploaded.  But no excuses, I just love taking pictures!  All 7200+!
So, my hard drive has been cleaned out and I have already started filling it up again with more photos for this year.

Tried different process techniques in Picasa.
I like the way this one came out.

On the Cutting Board

Alllll-righty-then!  All the binding has been sewn onto the quilts!  I started last night on blind stitching the binding to the quilt's back.  Now that I am down to hand sewing....I can start putting things away!  Yep, back to that cleaning mood...
It will be nice to get our home back into some sort of order today.  I can put up the table that has been under foot and a good knee bruiser if I'm not careful.  I can put away my sewing machine so that I can have room on the dining room table to actually eat!  I know that many of you think this must be quite a hassle for me, but it isn't because I stay more focused on the projects I'm working on.

Reward time!  Time to sit down and do a little hand sewing or start a new project or take some more kitty, kitty, kitty...want to pose for me?


  1. The flowers are stunning. I can see why you'd want to take a lot of photos of those. Isn't that the great thing about digital? Back in the film days, we couldn't afford to shoot so many pictures.

  2. You are such a good photographer. Gorgeous photos! LOVE Mexican food!

  3. Love the rose pictures. I do take a lot of digital pictures, too. Although, I may be old school in that I still love to hold a glossy print in my hands.


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