Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feeling So Good! (Las Vegas, NV)

This has been a wonderful week for me.  Las Vegas is great, I'm seeing the light at the of the tunnel for three quilts, and I am featured in two Treasuries from around the world!  People on Cloud 9 ~ Make room for me!

Vintage Vegas
We spent one evening in the vintage Las Vegas downtown.  We ate dinner at Hash House a Go-Go.  It is a good thing we decided to split a salad because "Huge" salad described in the menu is an understatement!  I barely finished my half and left most of my bread behind.  They don't believe in small portions at this restaurant and it was delicious!

I can see Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack walking down the street....
Vintage Vegas
This is the Fremont Street Experience.  The canopy has thousands of LED lights and speakers setup for the light show.
There is a zipline ride that goes down the length of the canopy.  I got one good photo of four people going by over our heads.
Zipline riders
We watched the first show with Don Mclean's "American Pie".  Talk about Retro!
Go-Go Dancers
Finishing up with a rocket launch.  If you can zoom in on the astronaut on the right, you can see JFK and MLK in the face shield.
Rocket Man

On the Cutting Board
For the last couple of days, the weather has been cold and wet.  Yep, we are getting some rain.  Perfect time to work on my quilts.  I finished quilting two quilts already.
I'm almost done with the third one.  I haven't made the binding yet, so that'll be my next project - making binding for three quilts.  Sigh, it feels good to finish these three.

Featured in Two Treasuries

Two of my quilts are featured in this lovely treasury!  Thank you Lesya!  Check out some of the shops in her treasury:

Lesya lives in Russia.  Amazing how the internet has shrunk our world!  Stop by Rainbow Gerbera to see her lovely shop filled with beautiful crocheted items.
Here's the second treasury by Charo.  Thank you so much Charo! Check out some of the shops in this one:

Charo lives in Madrid, Spain and her shop is filled with beautiful detailed miniatures.    

Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow, what a place! I've never been to Vegas, but I know people who just love it.

  2. Great photos! I'll have to check out some of those shops! Happy quilting.. :o)

  3. Awesome! You must be having so much fun. Congratulations on being featured in two treasuries. My eyes went straight to your bright quilt. And crocheted beads? Bonus surprise. I will be checking out her shop as well. Thanks and happy travels.

    1. Thanks Rachel! We are having fun! I thought the crocheted beads were quite interesting. I have never seen them before. I love the bright colors she used too.

  4. The pictures are great but I'll bet it doesn't come close to seeing the real thing. I'll bet those neon lights are magnificent!

  5. love your Las Vegas pics, my little brother and his wife got married there earlier in the year! Well done on the finishes too! x

  6. Great Pics! We r also planning a trip to Vegas this month or next hope the plan works out!

    Congrats on T feature:)

  7. I love Hash House. Hubby and I always split a delicious!


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