Friday, April 27, 2012

Finished and Moving On (Las Vegas, NV)

Finished! Done!  WooHoo!.....of course, we will not peek into my closet to see how many more UFOs lurk in the dark corners....

I hung these up in a hurry today to get some photos.  I have a long list of things I want to finish before we leave tomorrow.

I had planned to take these to Albuquerque this summer.  Due to our returning to the Preserve for this winter, we will not be going to New Mexico.  

So, if I find a charity group during our travels, I will give them this quilt along with the Redwork Teddy Bear quilt.  Hopefully, I will find a Project Linus contact.  If not, I know the Escapee's Parks have people collecting charity blankets and I don't mind giving them these two quilts.

I need to iron the border on this one.  I also need to take better photos before I post this quilt on Etsy.  I'm sticking with calling this one "Delightfully Dizzy" spring lap quilt.  What do you think of the name?

Good-bye to Las Vegas

Travel day tomorrow ~ Saturday.  Yep, it is time to start making our way north towards Washington State.  I had fun in Las Vegas and maybe someday, we will come back.

Happy Trails!


  1. such nice finishes! Happy trails to you.

  2. Delightfully Dizzy! I love it. Your work is just incredible!

  3. I do love Delightfully Dizzy. I feel that way at times. Beautiful quilts.

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your travels. I do enjoy them.

  4. Beautiful quilts! I admire any quilter who has the patience and the talent to create these items.

  5. That is the perfect name for that lap quilt! Travel safe!

  6. Love the quilts -- especially Delightfully Dizzy, what a great name, too.

  7. Wonderful quilts! "Delightfully Dizzy" is a fitting name. ^.^


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