Sunday, July 21, 2013

No Sweat (Newport, OR)

We moved to Newport, OR, last Monday.  Probably one of the few areas left in the U.S. that is not suffering from a heat wave.  Weather has been foggy and cool - around 60 to 70 degrees.  Quite a change from Bend!  I bet quite a few people wish they were here right now.
Newport's marina
A couple of days ago, the sun came out, but it is still on the cool side.  Jacket weather for sweating in the relentless heat.  I'm quite content to wear a jacket for most of the summer.
from Cape Foulweather
Our Wi-Fi is the pits (mega SLOW) here, so I plan to keep this short since it keeps warning me that my post is not being saved.  I spent most of the last 4 days just trying to upload photos.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few more photos of Sisters during the quilt show...
This is one of my favorites
Such a cute idea!   Recycled cowboy boot/birdhouse.  All I need is a house and a tree to hang it in.  Maybe, once we have our lot picked out...
Speaking of ideas, I have way too many bouncing around in my head right now after the quilt show.  At this rate, I will need to have 10 life-times to finish all my ideas.  Of course, I would end-up with even more ideas if I lived that long!
I love the warm colors in this sampler.
I am slowly uploading photos to our Flickr albums.  I will post the links soon.

On The Cutting Board
Okay, 4 mug rugs will be listed tomorrow morning in my QuiltinCats Etsy shop.  I have already announced the listing in my QuiltinCats FB page and people are showing an interest in them.  
Red and Aqua
My fingers are crossed that they will sell quickly.
Pretty Pink Floral
I'm having so much fun making these that I am already planning to make more Vintage Trailers.
Mint Green and Lavender
I'll wait until next time to show you the new ones that I started on last night.
Peachy Dots
Before I get too involved in the new mug rugs, I plan to finish up the horse themed vintage trailers for my friend.  I finished embroidering the tan areas for the other two mug rugs.  Two are for her and the third one might go on Etsy as an extra.
I added a tea cup and a kitty in the window for my friend.....oh, and a horse shoe on the door for Good Luck.  She just became a Grandma for the second time!  I wish her and her family all the best!
I hope to have these three done before the end of this week.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Those camper rug-mugs are darling. They remind me of the camper my folks had called the "Road Abode".

  2. The boot birdhouse is really cool!
    And I love your new mug rugs. =0)
    Are you a contact of mine on flickr? I'll have to add you if not. Please email me your flickr.

  3. Oh my goodness those little campers are very very adorable...I'm popping over to your etsy shop right now! xx

  4. I so love your red and aqua mug rug. I just wondered if you would mind making me one in the shape of our motorhome? Thanks, Maggie xx


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