Friday, July 5, 2013

Counting Down! (Sunriver, OR)

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the 4th of July.  We spent 3 July walking around the Old Mill District and Woodriver Park in Bend.  On the 4th, we went for a 9 mile hike to Green Lakes.  I am still recovering from our walk today.
Old Mill District
With the heat index hitting the high 90s, people are finding fun ways to stay cool on the Deschutes river by kayaking, river rafting, and paddle boarding.
Deschutes River
I'm getting behind on posting photos of our walks, so I'll just add a few each time I post for awhile with the locations of where we have been walking.  Below is the double Paulina Falls from last week.  I did not take my camera with me since it was still raining when we went for our walk around Paulina Lake.
Paulina Falls
One more week and I will be in quilt heaven!  Ever since I watched Alex Andersen tour the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in "Simply Quilts".  I have been wanting to go.  I really did not think it would ever happen, but it is becoming a reality - bigger and better than I ever imagined!
The quilt show in Sisters is on Saturday (July 13), but there are several other quilt shows going on during the week.  My SIL found out there will be a  Quilt Expo (July 11-14) in Redmond and guess what??!!  We have reservations at the same fairgrounds!   I will be within walking distance to four days of quilts, vendors, and classes!  Yes!
Also, the  The Old Mill District in Bend will be hosting the Sisters Quilt Walk  from July 5-22 with quilts scattered throughout the district in different shops.  And if that wasn't enough,  the Black Butte Ranch will have quilts on display all through July.  I can't believe I have gone from just a 1-day quilt show to so many shows within a short drive of each other.
And I can't forget the quilt shops - the Stitchin' Post and Homestead Quilts & Gallery.
On The Cutting Board
If I'm not too tired from a day of exploring Bend's surrounding area, I am sewing on some more vintage trailer mug rugs.  Here are three of them.  I have more that I will show you later.
I have been having so much fun using my imagination on how to decorate the trailers that I decided to add something to each of the windows this time.
flowers in the window
kitty peeking out the window
tea time!
Now, I just need to find some time to get out the sewing machine and these done!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Mug rugs are darling! Enjoy your shows.

  2. Oh, I will be walking with you in spirit!
    (I think I recognized that kitty in the window)
    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  3. Have a wonderful time at Sisters and Redmond!! Hope you see some wonderful quilts. Love the photos of OR, we miss the area. Take care!

  4. Oh, yes, I am counting down the days as well, although I won't get in on the Redmond show. I will be with three other folks, and not sure of our schedule...but maybe we will run into each other. After the show we are going camping at Paulina Lakes too. Love Love Love those little trailers>

    1. Thanks Sue! I'm glad you liked the trailers. Paulina Lake is beautiful even when it is raining - which it was the day we walked around the lake. I will keep an eye out for you!


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