Monday, July 1, 2013

Where The Lava Once Flowed (Sunriver, OR)

The following photos are from Newberry National Volcanic Monument - Lava Lands.  Talk about feeling like I have walked through a portal and into a different world!  There was a 1-mile paved path that led us up towards the crater through the old lava flow.  The different lava formations were very interesting along with what manages to survive in it.

If you go to the link above, you can see an aerial photo of the crater.  It is quite fascinating to see.
Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel
We read about why the trees get so twisted.  New seedlings will get one strong tap root into the hard rocky ground.  That one root only supplies food to the one side of the tree, so the tree slowly revolves to get nourishment to all sides.  Hence the twisted tree trunks.  Amazing what Mother Nature can do to survive.
twisted tree
The lava land covers thousands of acres.  It is such an unusual sight to see where the lava stopped and suddenly there is a lush forest with Ponderosa Pines, rivers, and creeks.
Mt Bachelor and Sisters Mountains
Below are fireballs.  Like snowballs, they grow bigger as they rolled down the lava's downhill flow.
 The beginnings of a new twisted tree...
Amazing to see this tree growing here
Okay, I ran out of things to say about Lava Land, but I have a few more photos that I can show you while I talk about something else....

In May, we marked our 4th anniversary of full-timing.  June 30, we celebrated 38 years of marriage.  We have been so busy spending the month walking and becoming more healthy that the anniversaries just came and went by without our notice.  Okay, we did celebrate our anniversary with some Ben & Jerry's ice cream....
and flowers
Anyway, we have put a lot of miles on our feet and our Fitbits.  The best part is seeing the results.  Sleeping better, more energy, and a loss of extra pounds!
lots of flowers
Yep, this has been the best way to celebrate our anniversaries instead of dinner out, overeating, and feeling like napping all day.  Usually, I have a dull headache for the next couple of days to remind me of my overindulgence as well.  Instead, I have feel great and ready to go for another walk...and more picture taking, of course.
Cathedral Windows by Clare O'Donohue

Surprise!  I managed to finish a book between all our explorations.  This is pretty short - less than 80 pages, but a wonderfully written story about a small town with a big heart in the spirit of giving.  Nell is teaching Elementary students how to quilt when a young two-time Afghanistan War Veteran now teacher is accused of burning down his own home.  He has already lost all of his family and depressed, he feels there is nothing left for him in his old hometown.  Nell soon enlists the help of her quilting friends to help solve the mystery and to show this beloved teacher that he has not lost everything in the world.
Happy Trails!

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  1. There you go, adding yet another book to my list!
    Well, I probably would have gotten that one anyway as I have many of hers already read.
    Hawaii has some amazing volcanic landscapes too (and of course, Japan. Ever been in a lava tube?
    I was amazed the year after an eruption on Miyake-jima to see alder trees sprouting from the fresh red rock.


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