Saturday, December 10, 2011

Working On the Delighted! Fabric (Patagonia, AZ)

And the Final Decision is.....

I made a decision to use the Cake Mix pattern from Layer Cake Recipe.  I'm making the blocks half the size so I will have more of the quilt pattern shown below.  Instead of 10 inch blocks.  I will make 5 1/2 inch blocks for a lap-size quilt.
I took a chance and cut some blocks up and did a quick test to see how the blocks would look.  So far, so good.
Sewed one together.  There are 3 color variations of each pattern, so I am going to have 3 different blocks to give it a more uniformed look.  I'm still a little worried that this quilt will be too busy.
Now that I have made that decision, my mission at the Squirrel's Nest quilt shop was to find a matching border and backing.  I was having a very hard time.  They did not carry a lot of this kind of design fabric and I certainly could not find any Riley Blake fabric.  They are more of a Thimbleberries quilt shop which I like...a lot. I did find 3 shades of green that was not too busy, but I could not decide.  I was about ready to give up when Dan came in.  I asked for his opinion and he thought this fabric would work without making it too busy.
What do you think?  I think I should get hubby's opinion more often, don't you?
**I would have asked one of the employees, but no one even bothered to say hello when I walked into the store or ask if I needed help.  Why ask an opinion from someone who can't be bothered to say hello?  Despite the unwelcome feeling, I still enjoyed looking through the fabrics and notions.

A Surprise Visitor

This photo is from the wildlife camera taken on 11 Nov 11 - the same day we arrived.  This Mountain Lion crossed the creek a couple of hundred yards behind our motorhome.  Our manager, Matt has found signs of the cat in the area recently so now I carry Pepper Spray....just in case.  Considering he has been here all month, I'm hoping he likes to stay hidden during the day and does his hunting at night.  I would not mind seeing him at a distance...a very long distance or from the car.

Some more photos from the Preserve...

My favorite Gnarly Tree
Red-tail Hawk
Red-tail Hawk

Female Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinal Family) hiding
Happy Quilting!


  1. I love your photos! The red tail hawk is magnificent! We have some noisy ones nearby. Hollywood uses the call of the red tail hawk in it's desert movies scenes, so I always think if the desert when I hear them. :)
    I can't wait to see your quilt completed!

  2. How can I comment on the quilting decisions when I am so distracted by the wonderful nature photos??? I do think that green fabric looks good. I can't imagine my husband ever helping with anything to do with quilting.

  3. Its a shame when you walk into a store realising that staff cant be bothered, it would make the trip so much more enjoyable to have an enthusiastic staff member. Quilt is looking great, love the colours x

  4. That patterns are cute! I think it is looking great... And grr employees like that just drive me crazy

  5. Great pictures of the hawk! We are rehabbing a couple right now. They are beautiful creatures but they look at you with mean eyes! Stay away from that kitty cat! I don't think it would want to snuggle like your little ones do.

  6. Hi SibStudio! I did not know that about the Red-tail's cry being used in movies. Now that I think about it. The cry did sound familiar. I will you posted on the quilt's process.

  7. Thanks Beck Valley Books! Most quilt shop employees are wonderful. I love being able to talk fabric and quilts with others. Next time will be better.


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