Tuesday, December 6, 2011

55 years! (Patagonia, AZ)

Yesterday, I turned 55 years old.   Yep, I have been around for awhile now...well, not as long as some people, but longer than most of the people I know.  Do I sound senile?  I hope not!

I took assessment of how I feel about turning 55.  Except for quite a few extra pounds that I would like to get rid of and lots of grey hair which I am happy to keep, I think I am doing pretty good.  Not too many aches in the morning although my knees are starting to creak and my shoulders are popping more often which makes my Sun Salutes a lot slower.  I am very thankful for my health.  I walk two to three miles every day and I am trying to stay limber with my yoga practice.
funny pictures - Henry couldn't remember much about his birthday party, but from the taste in his mouth, he was sure he'd had a good time.

For me, celebrating 55 years isn't about "so far so good".  I worked hard at being here today to celebrate being 55 years old and feeling good about what I have done and where I am today.  No regrets.  I feel great about practicing good eating habits and exercise routines.  I don't deprive myself of sweets.  I do eat them quite often. My weight can certainly testify to that! I am enjoying life my way by being as healthy as possible.  My overall goal is to grow old and still be aware of my surroundings.  In other words - to have a better quality of life as I get older.

I got it for my birfday  frum the birdses.

I do have my Senior moments.  Exercising my brain can be quite a challenge at times, but it is very important to keep the brain cells active.   There are days when I think my poor brain is about to shut down for good from information overload.  It gets back at me by forgetting why I went to the closet.....umm, I know I was going to get something...well, I'll remember later....maybe....probably in the middle of the night....

Yesterday was wonderful.  We woke to a frosty low 20s morning.  Dan & I took an early walk around the Preserve (closed Monday & Tuesday).

We visited Mr. Owl, saw one or more hawks, and one deer.  I got some great photos of the hawk(s).  We are not sure we were seeing the same hawk or different ones.

Always stretch and warm up before flying
Fluff once a day
It was so peaceful and beautiful.
Excellent view!
What a great way to start a day!

Good Morning!
The rest of the day was spent hanging around the motorhome just catching up on different items, watching birds, quilting...just relaxing and enjoying the moment.
Hey you! Yea You!  Got any birdseed?
Today, we are going out for lunch at the German Cafe in Sierra Vista for a second day of celebrating.  

I also plan to stop by the Squirrel's Nest for a little fabric shopping.  I'm hoping to find some matching fabric for my prize of 10-inch squares - Delighted!  I have been to this quilt shop before - many years ago.  I was amazed to see that they also carry supplies for spinning, weaving, and knitting.   There were the large weaving looms and yarns hanging from the walls.  Oh my!  The colors were amazing!  Just what I need - temptations to start a new hobby...It's a good thing I don't have any extra storage space.   Oh, and I love their url address:  fibernuts.com.  LOL!

I also did a little cyber shopping on Etsy.  I see so many wonderful things that I like, but of course, I have no room for more stuff.  So here is my Happy Birthday to Me - Tuesday Treasury:
Did you noticed that I slipped some fabric into my shopping?  ;0)
Treasury Tuesday


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday, beautiful images as always xx

  2. Happy Birthday to my Travelin' Quilter blog friend. I enjoy following your adventures and your beautiful pictures. We also have a motorhome and are about to head to LaFeria TX the first of January and will return home mid-March or so. The title of Travelin' Quilter is what caught my eye orginally. I am always amazed at your organization in your motorhome. Enjoy celebrating your birthday. Linda (PS I am 65)

  3. Happy birthday!!! Glad you can see the positive side of turning another year older- that's GRACE :)

    Your pictures really are beautiful. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! It's nice to hear about somebody who is taking their health seriously and staying active as they age. :-) Hope you had a great day!

  5. Happy belated birthday! I love yoga and sun salutations are my favorite :) Loved the photos too!

  6. Many Happy returns of the Day! I'm trying to remember how I felt 20 years ago ... no, the Japanese government is the only one that thinks I am old NOW! I am enjoying your walks and the pictures that come with them.(and the captions too).

  7. Happy Birthday!! Great photos of the birds around your motorhome! I love the cyber shopping Happy Birthday treasury!

  8. Thank you Linda! It is so nice to meet another traveler online. It is also nice to meet someone unafraid to admit her age!

    OH, I'm one of those people that has to have organized surroundings. I don't think or work too well when the motorhome is a mess. And yes, there are days when it is unorganized, but not for long! Everything has a place and if it doesn't - I get rid of it!

    Enjoy SE Texas! Sandy

  9. Thanks Heather! Isn't Yoga a wonderful release for tension? I can't live without it!

  10. Thank you SibStudio! I'm glad you enjoyed my cyber shopping!

  11. You sound like you are in great shape! Happy Belated Birthday! :)

  12. LOL!! love the kitty pics!!! they made me laugh!!

  13. GORGEOUS PICS!!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :))

  14. Thanks Kerry! I had a great two days celebrating!


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