Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilting Muse? (Patagonia, AZ)

Confession time:  I have to admit that I had lost my passion for quilting.  Even the thought of creating something new made me...okay, I'll say it "cringe".  Every time I tried to work on one of my projects for the last couple of months, I felt like I was making myself do it.  The love of quilting just wasn't there and I did not know why.  

During my 3-day break, I found my creative passion for quilting and I understand why I lost it.  I contribute this enlightenment to yoga. I know I'm getting a little deep here, but bare with me. I promise to keep this short.  

I started back into yoga about 7 years ago to help lose weight.  I keep to simple poses for strength, stretching, and relaxing/meditation.  I did not realize how much I and my body were missing these sessions until last weekend.  

Halfway through the first session, I could feel my spine stretching, the blood flowing to the brain, and oxygen filling my lungs.  My relaxed mind kicked into high gear and all sorts of quilting ideas start flowing....images of quilts, color schemes, new ideas for finishing UFOs.  

It was a wonderful feeling!  Welcome Back!  Okay, so I sound a little weird, but nothing else motivates me like yoga.   Yoga is my Muse and I cannot ignore it.

On to Q U I L T I N G !
I pulled out the four Dresden Plate blocks and added sashings to them.  It seemed a little small and unfinished.

After some thought, I decided to add borders to make it a little larger.  All right! One top is ready for quilting this summer.  WooHoo!

I also finished the last Redwork block of Teddy Bears.  I bought the red polka-dot fabric just for this project.  I came pretty close to using it for other quilts.  I'm so glad I did not use it.  I hope to start on the sashings soon.  We get another 3-day weekend for New Years.  Guess what I'll be working on.

Did I tell you that I like to crochet too..just for something different that is fast and easy.  I usually crochet while Dan is driving, but I decided I needed to get this one out of the closet and get it done.  I'm about halfway through this one and I hope to have it done before we leave here.

I love this yarn.  It is so soft and fluffy.  I think any child will love having it.  The yarn color is called Tutti-Fruiti, but I think it looks like Cotton Candy, don't you?
Oh, and all three above projects are going to Project Linus unless I can find a local charity that takes blankets and quilts for children in need.

Remember my Delighted! squares that I won?  I thought I would save some time doing some fast stack-n-whack cutting.  BIG mistake!  I cut one of the stripes the wrong direction!  Nooooo!  I should have known better.  I guess I will replace it with some of the green fabric that I bought for the border.  I'm hoping this is a good mistake because I did not plan to add the green into the quilt blocks.  Maybe it will look more uniformed with a little of the border in the blocks.  Fingers crossed - well, not while I'm sewing, of course.

I am curious.  Do you have a Muse?  Not one that inspires you, but actually gets you motivated and gets your creative juices flowing. 

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  1. You do beautiful work - glad to hear you're back into your quilting groove.
    Angie (blogging buddies)
    PS - I also joined your blog - if you get a chance please checkout my blog:

  2. I love what a difference it made to your Dresden plates just by adding the borders. A little patience and a little creativity go a long way.

  3. First, beautiful photo!

    Second, I love all your projects! I really want to learn to crochet and knit, but I never seem to have the time to take a class.

    Have a happy New Year!

  4. My Memories is great! I love their packs

  5. Hi! Happy New Year! Your quilts are beautiful!!

    New follower from the Karma Bloggers FB page. I'd love for you to stop by my blog and follow back if you like.

    I also do a Weekend Blog Hop. Stop by and link up.

    Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

  6. Hi Angie, I'm already following you. Thanks for following me.

  7. Thanks Katie! I'm already following you.

  8. I'm glad you got your quilting groove back. I especially love the teddy bear quilt.

  9. Oddly enough, sometimes it is shifting away toward other passions that takes us back toward our lost interest. I personally just like mixing things up a bit so I am quite often all over the place - creativity wise.

    Brandi - Keeping It Indie

    PS - thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Happy New Year!

  10. I am SO glad you found your inspiration!

    I think it is completely normal to go through that! I am definitely "off" and "on"!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  11. I agree with you about the yoga. I have a 20 minute morning routine that keeps me from rusting like the "Tin Man". I really like your redwork Teddy bears...I've been inspired by T. bears myself, lately. Have a happy stitching new year!
    best, nadia

  12. follow you back. Thanks for stopping by Made.By.Jess


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