Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Treasury - A little Christmas Sparkle

I did a little window shopping for Christmas.  How about you?  Are you still shopping or are all your gifts wrapped and under the tree?

Here's to Winter Solstice, our shortest day of the year,  21 DEC.   There's always a little sunshine somewhere..
365Project - All a Tweeter

365Project - Sitting Pretty

The River is my favorite Christmas song by Sarah Mclachlan.  I like this video because it is a loving tribute to this ice skater's dog - Bear.  A home video shows the owner skating while Bear follows along on the ice.  Sorry, it can only be played in YouTube, but it is worth watching.  Please remember to feed the animals by clicking on the Rescue the Animals button on the right.  Thank you!

Sarah Mclachlan - River


  1. Today is cold and bleak and not much in the way of pretty birds. I am enjoying yours.

  2. Cute treasuries! My shopping is done, but I haven't wrapped a single present yet. 0.o


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