Sunday, October 2, 2011

And the Winner Is....!

Congratulations Brenda!  You are the Winner!  
WooHoo! ConfEtT coNfetti ~~I'm celebrating! Yea!

Here are some photos of the drawing.  I recruited my two granddaughters to do the drawing for me while I took pictures.  I'm going to keep this post short since it is getting late and I want to send Brenda an email.

Enjoy your new My Memories Scrapbook Software!

Pick just one!
Who won? "I don't know I can't read!"
It says Brenda. "Who is Brenda?"
The Winning Ticket! Yea Brenda!

*~A big THANK YOU to all participants! ~*


  1. I love your gorgeous assistants. I tried to comment from my computer but each attempt brought the message, "input error". Now the boss is out I am trying again on the family computer.

  2. Hi Julie, They were great helpers. I can't get over how much they have grown and matured into such wonderful young ladies since our last visit. I'm very proud of their Mom. She has done a great job.

    I bet you can't wait to get a new computer. Your replacement sounds like a real pain!


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