Monday, October 10, 2011

Thinking About Our Future (Hondo, TX)

Yesterday, we left Fredericksburg and headed west to Hondo, TX.  We are starting to look at different Escapees' parks that allow members to lease a site.  Hondo is our first stop.  The park is nice and well kept.  The people have been very friendly and helpful.  But, we just don't think this will be the semi-permanent location for us.  It is a little too rural for us.

The cats did not like it much either.  Dusty had no dirt to roll in.  Aww, I was really disappointed. No dirt! Darn!  Squirrel could not find anything green to munch.  Hitch had no trees to climb and wanted to snoop all the neighbor's yards.  Max was too nervous to make a decision, but he made it unanimous once he heard their comments.

I like the porch on this one
Above is the shed (I call it a Mini House) on the lot we are renting for the next couple of nights.  The owner/leasee is traveling at the moment and while they are gone, they can allow other traveling members to rent their site.  While they are gone, they don't have to worry about their site with the park employees and neighbors keeping a watchful eye on it.

 Just a Shed, ma'am!
Some sites have just a shed
I like the idea of the shed/house for extra storage space or just a place to get out of the motorhome.  We saw the inside of one and it wasn't bad.  The larger room had a double closet and enough room to put a couch with chairs or a desk and sewing table.  Always thinking...   There was a smaller room that they were using as a workshop and storing tools.

Below are some photos of the shed/houses.  Each one might be small, but they are each individually styled to the owners' taste.  Of course, there are rules and changes have to be pre-approved which is a good idea.

I like the play on words...
some have a mini house with an enclosed porch
 The lots are big enough to give us a little elbow space.
This is my favorite one

This barn style is cute
So, why are we considering doing this?  Well, as we get older, we are sure our travels will slow down to a couple of times a year.  You know - winter in the south, summer in the north.  This would give us a guaranteed site each winter.  Plus, I do have several items sitting in my daughter's garage.  I'm sure she would like to have that space back someday.  Most of these parks have a long waiting list from 4 years to 8 years.  That's why we are looking now.  It isn't because we are getting tired of traveling.  We are just planning for our future.


  1. How very cool!! I didn't even know that was an option!!

    Maybe you could design one like the barn and paint a quilt pattern on the side? fun!

    Are you heading towards CA? Would love to hook up with you. My hubby said that we're heading towards the base north of Vegas for a couple of weeks Mar/April time frame. Let me know!!

    And thanks for the shade ideas. We do have one that extends our awning, but it really doesn't help much. There isn't any shade or clouds, just blistering sun every single day. Thankfully, its been cooler, although its supposed to creep up towards 90 again this week. I've been working on some embroidery. I'll post a picture in a day or two. Its my first time doing it....not too bad, although I need to work on making the stitches the same size.

    Have a great quilty week!

  2. Hmmm, like a cabin in the woods with a large parking space. Just make sure your feline kids are happy.

  3. Hi Michelle, Not a bad idea! I have seen some barns with quilt blocks painted on them. I will let you know when we start heading towards CA, okay?

  4. Hi Julie, It is and not very appealing, but the parking space needs to be big enough for a large rig and a car/truck. With our motorhome and car there, you would barely notice the paved area.

    There is also some room to grow a few plants. Of course, in the drought-stricken southwest it is more xeriscaped than landscaped and I am use to it now. I would love to plant a Desert Willow, some Yuccas, and Moss Roses. Sigh! I miss my garden!


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