Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good-bye Family! Hello Texas!

We will be traveling for the next couple of days.  We are heading for Fredricksburg, TX,  I love visiting this German town.  There seems to be something always going on from street art to Octoberfest.  We will be staying in a campground within walking distance of the downtown area.  And a quilt shop nearby - so close, it is on the same block.  Yep, Dan will not be seeing much of me when we are there! Just kidding, I'll spend some time with him. ;0)

A sweet hug for a very sweet dog!
Here are some more photos of our granddaughters and our daughter Misty.  They came out to the campground on Saturday.
Grandpa is a great helper
Well, the kite is up or is it?

We started by trying to fly a kite, but the wind did not want to cooperate. A gust here, a gust there, and then nothing. Oh well, she was happy with trying to fly the kite.
Big smile

a look of concentration
Big Sis did not find the kite flying all that interesting, but she did help a couple of times.

So glad I brought my cell phone
After we put up the kite, we went looking for shells along the lake's shore.  We found quite a few since the lake is very low right now.

here's a shell there's a shell

Oh is this too deep?
Of course, it was not low enough to keep one little girl from soaking her clothes.  Hmm, it's a good thing we have a washer/dryer in our motorhome.

Checking out the new shells


  1. It seems like you are going to have great fun! I hope that you enjoy the events of German town.

  2. Nice photos! Looks like they had fun visiting with you. Fredericksburg sounds like a wonderful town to visit in October. Have fun.

  3. Thanks Shelley! Me too! I love visiting Fredricksburg.

  4. Thanks Artisanallunwound! I think they enjoyed themselves. I hear the little one was very tired after her visit.


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