Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shopping Spree for Me!

Look at what I bought at Whole Foods.  My favorite fruit tart.  This is my main reason for going to this one store that is a good 15 minutes or more depending on traffic away from our motorhome. There are other grocery stores along the way, but this is my all-time favorite fruit tart and Yes! This is as delicious as it looks!  It was so good, I had to buy two of them.  Yea, this one is gone!  I will save the other one for tomorrow.  Okay, I'll admit it...I did buy other items from Whole Foods, but this was my main mission.

I also stopped by Joann's Fabric store.  I need backing for the Fancy Sue blocks and since they were having 30% off, I thought I would take a look.  It is not an excuse!  I really need backing!  I found some wonderful floral prints.  I think the pink floral is a good match, don't you?   I did not need the tan fabric, but I like the print.  Maybe I'll use it for the cornerstones in the sashings.
Fancy Sue's new backing
I found my salsa at the Commissary and stocked up on some good snacks from Trader Joe's along with some hummus and veggies.  Yum!
When I grocery shop I like to use my reusable canvas bags so I don't end up with a lot of plastic bags. I get asked quite often where did I get my shopping bags.  My Mom gave them to me several years ago from the Miles Kimball's catalog.  They are still available if you are interested in getting some for yourself (please see the link below). They are holding up very well.  When I remember to use them, I get a lot of comments from the store's employees.  They love my bags because they are clean and hold a lot of groceries.

Many people are using the recyclable shopping bags, but they are not keeping them clean.  From what I have seen used in the stores, they are big and bulky not to mention, they do not look like they can be machine washed.  I guess they would need to be mopped out by hand.  What a pain!  I know I would not be cleaning them very often. I have heard some horror stories from both the cashiers and the baggers.  Sticky, smelly bags with dried juices, old forgotten vegetables, and ..well, you get the idea.  How can people use a dirty bag to carry home their fresh groceries?  Yuk!  It is not much fun for the person bagging the groceries into dirty bags either.

I like my white bags for several reasons.  A dozen bags fit into one.  They are lightweight and don't take up a lot of room in my shopping basket or in our motorhome.   I also love the fact that I can toss all of them into the wash machine with a little Clorox, detergent, and hot water.  So far all of the stains have washed out including some cherry juice stains.

They get used for other things as well.  I often carry my laptop, books, drinks, camera equipment, or quilting projects in them.   Great to use at the Farmer's Markets too.  They are very handy for all sorts of things.

The price is right and I'm just sharing this information because I have been asked several times while shopping.  You can Google "White Canvas Bags" or go to this site -- Miles Kimball's:  Canvas Shopping Bags Set/4

 Happy Shopping!


  1. I use reusable bags as well! I can't imagine people being so nasty as to bring in dirty bags. Even though I use the reusable bags for many products, I still use the plastic bags in the produce department to hold my veggies and fruit and I still wrap my meat in plastic. Just call me 80% environmentally friendly :-)

  2. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. I wish I had a Trader Joe's by me. I've heard so much about that place.

    That tart looked yummy.

  3. Back in the old days I carried a big wicker shopping basket. All the produce was wrapped in newspaper and put in the basket. These days everything is greatly overwrapped. I carry a compact nylon bag that opens out very big. I never take a store plastic bag and often I can save money by using my own bag or get points on a store card that amounts to savings later on.

  4. Hi Brooke, I use the plastic bags for some of the produce. Of course, if I put the frozen cherries in plastic, I would not have to wash the bags so often.

  5. Hi Sher, The best treat ever! Trader Joe's has a great selection of low priced organic foods. The food is always fresh and tasty.
    You can send in a request for them to consider setting up a store in a city near you.

  6. Hi Julie, Is that in Japan that they wrap produce in newspaper? I have never seen that in the US.

    I noticed more of the stores are offering the nylon bags and they do look easier to wash not to mention to carry with you.

    Some of the US stores are starting to offer incentives to bring your own bags, but most have recycle bins out front for returning grocery bags.
    I get plastic once in awhile because they come in handy for around our home. Otherwise, I try to stick to my canvas bags.


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