Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red or Green? Chile - that is! (Albuquerque, NM)

Yesterday, was a long day of travel with heavy winds so we were very tired after we settled into the Kirtland's FamCamp.  I found my mind going to all the different stores and restaurants that I want to visit while we were here.  Funny, but a lot of the places I want to visit/shop have something to do with....you guessed it!....Chile!

No?  Oh, you thought I was talking about quilts.  Well, you are close.  I am thinking about quilts and fabrics too, but there are wonderful quilt shops everywhere.  I can get a quilt/fabric-fix anytime, but a chile-fix?  There is none better than the Southwest area.
Dried Century Plant
I miss the Southwest especially New Mexico and Arizona.  The desert colors and plants.  The blue sky and yes, even the lizards and the sage brush. But, there is one thing I miss more than anything else  - after my friends, of course.  New Mexican Food!

Ever since Dan said we are going to stop in Albuquerque, I have been craving a Breakfast Burrito from Golden Pride.  Oh! So good! 
More Chile for me!
There are ten different breakfast burritos, but I always get the #9 - eggs, hash browns, bacon, cheddar cheese and green chile.  Dan gets his chile on the side so I get a little more for my burrito.  What a great get up and go - morning starter.  Who needs coffee when you have green chile to get the blood flowing?  Granted it is not too hot, but just spicy enough to wake those taste buds and say "Good Morning!"  I don't eat these very often so no comments about calories and hardening of the arteries, okay?

For lunch, a Dion's Pepperoni and Green Chile pizza.  Or! Enchiladas with red chile from Sadie's of New Mexico. .....excuse me, I need to go wipe the drool from my chin.

A little barb wire. A couple of cactus...
Okay, I'm back.  While I am here, I plan to stock up on Hatch's Green Chile and Sadie's Salsa.  Shop at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and all my favorite quilt shops.  Oh man!  I don't know where to start!  Okay, deep breath.  Time to make a list of things to do.  At least, I got my chile-fix for today.

So, all this thinking about red and green chile, I had to do a tribute to Red or Green? Chile Treasury last night.  Enjoy!  and watch out for those spicy ones!

Treasury Tuesday


  1. That sounds like a yummy place to be! Eat another breakfast burrito for me, spicy food is good for you. :)

  2. It is! Oh, I would love to do that! The first one went down too fast. A second breakfast burrito would have been nice.

  3. I can't ever remember having anything even a little spicy growing up. I do remember my mother had a string of shiny red peppers hanging in the kitchen but maybe they were just for decoration. Once my brother and I played with them and ended up with burning eyes. Not the best introduction, I must say.

  4. Love it!! I love spicy things, the rest of my family doesn't so I never get to treat myself!

    Have a wonderful time while there and enjoy the stores!

  5. Hi Julie, I guess not! That can be very painful. I had a ristra(stringed peppers) drop and break right at my feet once. The dust had me coughing, sneezing, and crying. Nothing like being pepper sprayed to clean out the sinus area!

    I never had spicy foods growing up. My husband got me hooked on hot sauce and hot wings early in our marriage. Neither one of us had heard of green or red chiles until we moved to New Mexico.

  6. Thanks Michelle, Yea, that's a problem for us too. Dan can't eat the spicy foods anymore, so I just add spices to my food on my plate. That's where Sadie's salsa comes in handy.


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