Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not So Wordless Wednesday (Newport, OR)

The weather has been very cooperative so we have been spending more time outside taking long walks.  Here are some more photos from our walk on Ona State Park Beach.
Many of the small streams were now large creeks.  I'm glad I had on my boots!
Where the creek meets the sea
Pals - Black Oystercatcher and Seagull
We can only walk a little over 2 miles before we come to cliffs blocking our way.  The big rock to the left is the beginning of a bird nesting sanctuary with Seal Rock Beach on the other side.  The last time we were here, we had a seagull challenging us as we walked near his territory.  We did not stay long since he was looking very agitated and neither one of us wanted to be dive-bombed by a seagull.
Backside of the Seal Rock Beach
What a gorgeous day!  I hope to see a few more like this before we leave this area.  

When I have some spare time, I have been working on my new projects, but none have made much progress.  Probably because I'm trying to do too many at the same time.  Plus, I'm reading another good book by Susanna Kearsley that I am finding very hard to put down.  I'll have to look for this author on so I can enjoy her books while working on my too many projects.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Hello Sandy, I love all your pictures. Great shots!!


  2. The beach is so lovely ... like a piece of art.Thanks for sharing your walk. You can work inside when the weather turns bad... or the book is finished.


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