Sunday, March 2, 2014

Miles of Walking and Photos (Newport, OR)

We were seeing more of the sun since we moved to Newport and we took full advantage of the warmer, not to mention, dryer weather.  Even the cats came out of the back to start soaking up some rays.  
Squirrel:  my sunshine
 Dusty kept telling us if it's sunny outside, it is time to for cats to go for a walk!  Of course today, the weather is cold with rain and heavy winds.  A good day for staying indoors.
Our first walk was to go see the sea lions in Newport's Historic Bayfront area.  Not as many sea lions as there had been in the fall, but they were just as entertaining to watch.
Looks a little cold
warmth in numbers
We also went back to Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  This time we climbed the Communications hill behind the lighthouse for a different view and what a view!
 We could see for miles up and down the coast with blue skies and not a single rain cloud in sight.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Below is a view to the north of the lighthouse.  Can you see the cave in the rock on the left? It goes all the way through.  If the rocks were closer together, I could imagine it to be a great hiding spot....a smuggler's cove....arrrgh!
We watched a sea lion fishing in the water below us.  He ate quite a few not so small fish and then he caught what looked like a small shark.  It was too far away to tell what kind of fish it had been but I can tell you that sea lions have a big appetite!
This is a view to the south of the natural preserve area.

And below in a tidal pool:  Looks like the starfish like to keep each other company with the way they are all huddled together.  I can spend a lot of time watching tidal pools.
 Okay, one more of the lighthouse from below....
On another gorgeous day, we went for a walk around Nye Beach.  After walking the beach, we wandered through the downtown area checking out shop windows and reading some of the restaurants' posted menus. 
Pastries seem to be a very popular item here.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try something different so I got a strawberry with lavender scone.  I have had lavender cake in the past, so I was a little disappointed because I had a hard time tasting the lavender in the scone.  It was still delicious and I enjoyed every bite.
We walked up the hill to take a closer look at this piece of artwork called "Absence of Emptiness" with this sign below.
It is interesting to see what inspired the artist and what he did with his inspiration.
I'm not quite sure what the artist is saying.  Maybe someone can explain it to me.

One more photo of a lovely recycled angel and the last of our beautiful weather.
The angel is just like a quilt....Very scrappy!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed all the photos.

  2. Those sculptures are really something. I love to carve but wouldn't know where to begin on that huge hunk of redwood.

  3. Amazing photos, as always. I've never seen so many starfish at once before! I love that shot. =0)

  4. Beautiful photos Sandy. How wonderful to see the sea lions so close. I love rock pools too. They are so fascinating. Like little worlds of their own.


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