Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sea, Sand, Sun (Newport, OR)

We had a great first couple of days back in Newport.  The sun has been out with just a light breeze.  The best part - it wasn't too chilly for a walk on the beach.  
Ona Beach State Park 
We walked almost five miles yesterday and I am certainly feeling it today, but it was so nice to be outside with the sun warming our faces.  I hope we have blue skies for the next couple of days.
It is certainly nice to be on the move again even if it is back to a place we have been to several times before.  I'm looking forward to our travels to South Dakota.  It has been quite awhile since our last visit....five years to be exact.  Amazing how time flies.  In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy this gorgeous weather.
On The Cutting Board
We have full power....yipee!.... so I have been working my iron extra hard.  Lots of fabric to get ready for my new projects.  So far, I have cut out about 10 new Happy Camper mug rugss.  I'm transferring patterns for embroidery now.
I finished embroidering the last block for the All Creatures Great and Small quilt.  I started cutting the fat quarters and I am finding that quite a few of my fat quarters are so crooked that I am having a problem getting the exact amount of required pieces.  According to the instructions, each quarter would have given me 8 large pieces with 12 smaller ones with very little left over.  I will need to add a ninth fat quarter to make up for the lost pieces.
Well, I need to go hunt through my stash or maybe go shop for some matching fabric.....
Happy Quilting!


  1. What wonderful photos!!! Its absolutely beautiful out there!! If you're heading to SD, we're only well, who knows how far away. I live along 35 towards the IA border. Would love to have you come and visit! Wish I could head to SD to see you but its not in the cards this year. Perhaps one year we will be able to see each other!
    Happy travels and quilting friend!

  2. So, that's where our blue skies went... You've got em.
    I love all that progress.

  3. What a wonderful walk! Cute creatures. ^.^

  4. Hooray! More happy camper mug rugs!


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