Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunshine and Christmas Stockings (Florence, OR)

We had a full day of sunshine after the much needed rain moved inland.  We took advantage of the sunshine and drove into town for a walk through downtown Florence.  We were not the only ones enjoying the sunshine.  People were out walking their dogs, hummingbirds were zipping around in and out of flowering bushes.
 We stopped at a sweet shop on the main street for a sugar fix.  I had the best pumpkin ice cream ever!  Okay, so I have never had pumpkin ice cream, but it was very good and it was not so rich that by the end I was still enjoying the flavor.

On The Cutting Board
I have been looking through my Etsy inventory and wondering why some items have not sold by now.  I decided it was time to modify or transform a few of the items to see if that will make a difference.  Plus, some of my old photos need to be taken again.  
So, I'm starting with the Christmas stockings.  Above, it the old photo of the stocking and below.  Quite a difference from my old photo.
I added a ribbon rosette with some metallic red thread.  I also added some clear glass seed beads to the rose for a dew drop look.
The gingerbread man was a little harder to add to without blocking the little guy...
So, I added a doubled red bow with green thread and white glass seed beads giving him a more festive look.
With the second gingerbread man, I decided to spruce up his little heart....
with some seed beads and threads.  Hmmm, this one might go back for more changes.  The heart has disappeared behind all the beads.
I got a little more creative with the elf's hat on this one.
I added purple and red metallic threads with more gold seed beads.

I don't have the old photo for the reindeer.  I added a green bow with gold metallic and blue threads.
The ribbon and threads were not enough this time.  I added a blue star and some clear seed beads to give the reindeer a more winter look.

Well, I am off to my Etsy shop to change photos and renew the listings.  
Happy Quilting!

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  1. I think you made the right decision to "tune-up" your stock Sandy! They look adorable and the photos came out gorgeous!


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