Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cats and Fabrics, Who Can Ask For More? (Spokane, WA)

It has been a slow week for outings and photos.  I did get one good one of Max and Dusty.  Max loves to cuddle with anyone that sits still long enough for him to sneak up on them.  Apparently, he wasn't very sneaky.  Dusty woke up and decided to give Max a bath.  

Max and Dusty
That's when I showed up with the camera...of course, he stopped bathing Max and actually posed for me.  That doesn't happen very often for me.  They usually scatter as soon as they see me with the camera.  Uh oh!  She's got the camera...Run!!

On The Cutting Board
Spokane's weather:  cold winds, overcast, and a little bit of rain.  

My weather:  90 percent chance of heat from the iron with many hours of digging for that one piece of fabric, extreme project planning that will keep me going all day long.   WARNING!  Do not expect to see the fabric piles to fade away by evening.
2 snowmen and a Welcome Cat
I can see on the horizon many projects ready for embroidery and embellishments...
I love Laurel Burch's material

Snow day!
Tomorrow's forecast:  extreme chance of great satisfaction of getting many wall hangings ready for sewing.
Made in U.S.A. Minis
sigh!......Happy Quilting!


  1. oh oh oh! I love the cat welcome banner with the Laurel Burch fabric!! I have a cat bag from her. Bad weather has definite charms if you are a quilter!

  2. Hi Sue, I love Laurel Burch too. I have coffee cups, hand bag as well as fabric.
    I look forward to bad weather. I can't think of a better excuse to stay indoors and sew the hours away!

  3. The "rainy season" has hit here too. I wish I was getting as much done as you have.


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