Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glamping 101 (Idaho)

We spent 4 days in Boise, ID and now we are on the road again today.  Speaking of traveling, I have added a new page for our Travel Map 2013 and it is up-to-date...well, until this evening.....so you will have to guess where we are until my next posting...

A couple of days ago, we were heading downtown Boise when we drove by a park filled with Canada Goose.  Photo Op!  I spotted some goslings with their parents.  I am so glad I packed my telephoto lens.
mama guarding her babies
whatcha lookin' at?
lots of warm fuzzies
tails! I won!
Glamping 101
Over the years, I have seen Mary Janes Farm magazine on the shelf.  It wasn't until recently that I picked one up to see what was inside.  You can probably guess which title caught my eye..."Fanciful Quilts"...of course, you know me so well.
Once I brought it home, I found I liked and read quite a few of the articles after I devoured the quilt article.  Has anyone heard of "glamping"?  Yea, me neither until I came across this ad "Glamping with Mary Jane".   Looking a little closer, there were photos of vintage trailers, women in evening dresses with cowboy boots.  In Mary Jane's book, she gives you recipes, ideas for the backyard, advice on housekeeping on the road along with much more advice.  
Curious, I did a little researched online.  This is what I have learned:  Glamping = Glamour + Camping.  Glamping adds glamour to any outdoor activities such as camping, barbecues, and other gatherings. 

According to Mary Jane, this kind of glamour camping started with the African safaris.  Yep, I can see that especially in the "Out of Africa" movie.  I would love to go on a safari with huge tents, gourmet meals, and comfortable beds.  Ernest Hemingway's safari style.  Of course, the only hunting I would do is with a camera.

Out of Africa Poster
Apparently, you can now rent outdoor tents setup like the one below around the world including USA.  Doesn't that look grand!  There are even tree houses to rent.  I would love to do all of them.
source: West Elm
The reason I am bring up Glamping is the inspiration I got from seeing all the renovated vintage trailers.  They did such a wonderful job of not only making them functional as well as adorable.  I do believe I got bit by the Glamping Bug.
camper_urban farmgirl
source: UrbanFarmGirl

There's an International Glamping Weekend coming up in June.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the glamping photos and more vintage trailers.
a vintage camper
source:  Get Campie

On The Cutting Board
Below are some examples of my Glamping inspired mug rugs.  I thought the small trailers would make for a cute mug rug and I had a lot of fun making them.  Oh, did I mention - they are my own design.  No clipart.  No pattern.     
Okay, so my plan was to introduce you to my latest listings, but both of the trailers sold within 24 hours!  That certainly made my day!  Whoo-hoo!!

I have two more in my projects folder.  I just need to get busy and get them done.
Happy Quilting!


  1. I think I could get into glamping! I use to tent camp but decided I was more of a hotel king of girl. Glamping looks like the best of both.

  2. Good thing you didn't have to fight the parent geese for those cute pictures. Friday night I will be sleeping in my van, a far cry from glamping. The seat doesn't even lie flat but at least the dog has her own seat and it works well in the rain.


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