Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saving For A Rainy Day (Spokane, WA)

Saving fabric, that is...and we are certainly getting our fair share of rain.  We have been in Spokane since last Friday.  The weather has been decent up to yesterday afternoon when the wind picked up and blew in a cold wet front.  Time to dig through my stash and get started on some quilt kits.
5 new quilts to work on
I have been wanting to do this for a while, but you know how it is...I think about it before bed and forget about it by morning.  I finally wrote myself a list of projects I wanted to get setup into kits.  So, far I cut the Sunbonnets' borders, printed foundations and cut fabric for two Tumble quilts, cut fabric for another Crazy 8's quilt, and last but not least, a snowball quilt with a penguin theme (not in photo).

I have also been working on some wall hangings and mug rugs.
With the kits, I don't have to worry about all the time it will take to find the right fabric or to setup and breakdown.  I do need to spend more time this week putting a dent into my scrap bag that I just added to...again!

Here's a couple of photos of my last quilt project.  This quilt along with the kits (once they are finished) will be donated to a children's charity.  I am finally making a dent in my stash!
Ocean Blue
with otters, whales, and dolphins
I finished and just listed this morning a Nancy Halvorsen's "Let Freedom Ring" wall hanging in my Etsy shop.

I have been busy visiting entries in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I have seen some gorgeous quilts.  I think I have seen about a third of the entries.  So many quilts, so little time.  On 24 May, Amy will open her link for voting, so I need to start taking notes of the ones I like the best.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

The Girl Who Chased the Moon
Gosh!  I'm a little lost for words. *Wondrous*Enchanting*Mystical*Magical....I found myself craving cakes and I'm not that big on cakes, but I could almost smell the sugar in the mouth watering...mmmm.  Sarah's stories always ignite my imagination and she never fails to entertain me right to the end.  Her books are like a comfort relaxing and she always leaves me begging for more!

17 year old Emily comes to live with her grandfather in a small southern town in North Carolina filled with unusual characters and secrets after the death of her mother.  Emily's mother never spoke of her childhood home or about her own father.  Emily sets out to learn about her mother's past and what the charming people of Mullaby are hiding.  All I can say is once you start reading this one, you will not want to leave..I mean stop reading it!

Sarah Addison Allen has a new book coming out this year called "Lost Lake" and I haven't read "The Sugar Queen" yet.  I'm saving it for later.
“Books can be possessive, can’t they?  You’re walking around in a bookstore and a certain one will jump out at you, like it had moved there on its own, just to get your attention.  Sometimes what’s inside will change your life, but sometimes you don’t even have to read it.  Sometimes it’s a comfort just to have a book around.” 
~Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen


  1. oh, love the blues in that quilt. Nice idea, making up kits. I did some pre cutting with that idea in mind, but not quite the same. Love it. Now on to the books...and rain in Spokane. At leat it isn't snow, which we had here this morning.

  2. The blue quilt is awesome and ill bet it sleeps good.


  3. The blue quilt is awesome, pretty. I bet it sleeps good.

  4. My trip left me way behind and I have not even touched the festival ... everything on hold till Monday afternoon. The blue quilt is darling and you may guess correctly that I have written down that book title and author.

  5. The quilt is gorgeous and so is Let Freedom Ring. I love them!! I'm hoping you weren't around that bridge collapse? We had friends that were on it, and despite injuries they are okay. Thank goodness!! Its rainy and dreary here the next seven days so I hope to get some quilting done!!


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