Monday, May 6, 2013

A Patchwork of Kindred Spirits (Hill A.F.B., UT)

This posting is  filled with a variety of kindred spirits.  There was a lot going on this week, so I will bring them all together to make a scrappy patchwork blog.

A Quilted Kindred Spirit
First, I want to share this wonderful block made by Julie Fukuda.  This block represents me and my lifestyle.  How cool is that?   Okay, I sound like a kid, but no one has ever made a block with me in mind.  Take a good look at the fabric - birds and cats...yep, sounds like my world and welcome to it!

This block will join other “followers” blocks to be made into a memory quilt.  A major undertaking! Follow the link to read Julie’s description of how she decided on pattern and fabrics:  My Quilting Diary 
Center block - Wandering Foot ...yep, that's me!
We have never met in person, but I feel a very close connection to Julie. I have talked to friends and family about Julie from Japan and her quilting.  Usually, I confuse them because I always talk like we were just together yesterday.

Julie and I met through a group blog for quilters who love to sew and quilt by hand.  Julie shares the beauty of Japan through her blog and photos, so checkout some of her other posts while you are visiting.  I have learned quite a bit about Japan's culture, traditions as well as meeting the people.  Often we exchange emails along with our blog comments finding out that we have more and more in common. Despite the fact that we have half-a-world between us, we are kindred spirits.  May our paths cross someday.   Thank you Julie!

A Furry Kindred Spirit
Jay and Beverly made it back home, but not before they picked up a hitchhiker.  
I go with you!
They came across this little guy running down the middle of the road in Colorado's back-country.   Worried he would get run over, they tried to find the owner even though they were pretty sure he was homeless from his condition.
Colorado looks very attached to Jay
Dirty and half-starved, this little guy needed help as soon as possible.  After talking to one local rancher about people dumping unwanted animals in the area and a trip to the Vet, they decided to adopt him.
Meet Beverly's new cuddlier - Colorado
Colorado (isn't that the perfect name for him?) knew he had found the perfect couple to adopt him. Isn't he a sweetie?  Not only does he look quite happy, he also looks like he is going to be quite comfortable with his new family.  Of course, we have yet to hear the opinions from Jay's cat Charmin and Beverly's dog Mojito about the new family member...
Hello You Handsome Devil!
Hugs to all!  (photos by Jay and Beverly)

Fictional Kindred Spirits
Another kindred spirit is Marie Bostwick and her characters.  To celebrate Marie Bostwick's latest published book "Between Heaven and Texas", Michelle is hosting a blog hop with 12 free star pattern tutorials for you to download.  The blog hop started on April 29 so stop by Quilting Gallery  to view the stars and enter the blogs' give-aways.

I have all of the Cobble Court Quilt books.  I love the way Marie sews her characters' life into a colorful patchwork quilt with warmth, understanding, and friendship.  I'm waiting for Marie's book to be sold in September on, so I can spend my quilting time listening to Mary Dell tell her story.  Can't wait!!

On The Road
In the meantime, we are getting back to our old schedule, dusting off projects, and catching up on all the things we were ignoring while in Zion.  I'm already missing Zion and our walks, but this area does have some nice views.  Here are a few photos from Hill A.F.B. near Ogden, UT.  Below are two photos of Salt Lake from the air base.

 My favorite view is from our front window.   Nothing like a panoramic view of snow-topped mountains.  Yes, I do prefer the snow there and not here.  Just in case you were wondering.....
Feathered Kindred Spirits:  The Ravens and the Magpies tend to gang-up with an aggressive, not to mention, possessive attitude when we are outside.  They actually follow us around as we walk the cats.  All heck breaks out when Hitch climbs a tree.  They definitely do not like a cat in one of "their" trees.  The funny part is seeing a variety of birds landing in one tree to squawk at Hitch.  Hitch usually runs back to the motorhome with his tail all fluffed out.  Hmm, I wonder if he speaks "bird".
Happy Trails!


  1. Living in a place where not many people speak your language and most of those are men, it is so nice to have a kindred spirit no farther away than your finger tips.
    What is it about kids and pets? Can you believe, there are actually people out there who go to pet stores and pay money for pets??? That is one lucky kitty.
    And, I'm with you when it comes to snow... great on mountain tops, seen at a distance.

  2. Lovely piece, glad to have found you through etsy. All the best, Maria . PS The kitten is soo cute!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Maria!

  4. Just happened by this post. Love the story of the kitten. I think the whole thing was meant to be. Happy ending for kitty and the new owners.


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