Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're Baaaack! (Patagonia, AZ)

We spent yesterday setting up for our permanent winter stay in Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve.  I had quite a few items to clean since they haven't been out since last winter.  With all our traveling during the summer, it was too much trouble to setup and breakdown.  Eh, call me lazy...
Bird feeders and Hummingbird feeders....check!
As soon as the motorhome stopped, we swear the cats knew our new location.  They tend to beg to go outside as soon as we stop, but this time it was different.  They were constantly in the stairwell trying to run out the door.
Lots of area to explore
All four kept saying:  "We know this spot!  Freedom!  No loud trucks, no people, and no leashes!"  But, we only let them out when we can supervise them and Hitch still needs to be on a leash.   
Dusty telling Dan he is one happy cat
So, they had to wait while we setup our site and spent some time with the preserve's manager to reacquaint ourselves with the office procedures.
Finally!  We opened the door and all four cats were out the door.  We did not have to ask them twice if they wanted to come outside.  Even Max immediately left the safety of the door to go explore.  All summer, it took a lot of coaxing to get him to take a step outside.
Hitch and Max
Squirrel spent the most time exploring.  We had to keep herding him back.  At least, he did not hiss at us for making him stay near the rig.  He was probably happy to be outside without the leash.  Yep, enjoy it while you can, because this will only last for 4 months.
Dan saw Havalina on the way into the preserve.  I was driving the car in front of him so I did not see them.  I did get to see a mama Coes Doe with her little one.  Our first sighting of many more to come!

 A lovely evening for a walk, right boys?  Meow!
Home is Where You Park It!  Happy Trails!


  1. Must be nice to be settled for a little while at least.

  2. Somehow I didn't remember that you have FOUR cats. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures and love the kitties. They do make a difference in our lives.

  4. Isn't it great how animals know familiarity? It's wonderful that all the cats were excited to be back! I bet you and hubby were too. =0)

  5. how wonderful to be settled for a few months!! Enjoy your time there!! I'll look forward to photos of wildlife and quilts!

  6. Hope cleaning and setup goes good. Must be nice to rest in one spot after all the traveling, and I bet the cats will have fun on their old stomping grounds!

    1. It is! I'm making plans to get started on some new projects while kitties are planning on their daily outings.

  7. The kitties look so happy to be "home"! It's great that they can get out and explore now :)


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