Monday, October 8, 2012

Passing Side or Suicide? (Tucson, AZ)

I know! I'm a day late on posting my blog.  It has been a little hectic lately, but we are settled now.  I thought the question of which side on the back of this truck summed up our feelings for most of the southern California's drivers.  It is amazing we did not have some kind of accident.  Dan was in a hurry to get out of California.  I cannot blame him.
The last three days have been a blur of roads and one night stops.  We started on Friday from Coarsegold, CA and around 750 miles later, we are now in Tucson, AZ.  Most of the time we only did 55 mph, so it took us a lot longer than most people traveling by cars.
Heading towards Barstow - Wind Turbines
The cats were having a harder time with this trip.  First Dusty, our gentle giant came to the front to tell us he wasn't doing well.  He never leaves the bedroom during travel until he hears us setting up outside.  Part of the problem was the heat that none of us were use to anymore.  I closed windows and Dan turned on the generator for some air conditioner to help cool him down.

But, he wasn't quite done.  I had to wait for him to finish using the sandbox too.  Every time I headed up to the front, he would start crying.  I waited while he climbed into the box, watching me all the while.  "Don't leave!"  Once he was done, off he went to his favorite spot in the bedroom quite content.
Dusty in the morning
On the second day, Max became car sick.  We were on Hwy 95 south of Needles, CA.  That road is a regular roller coaster - up & down, up & down!  There were some pretty good dips.  I thought about throwing my arms up in the air and calling out "Wheeeee! Faster! Faster!"  I'm sure Dan appreciates the fact that I did not distract him while driving on such a narrow road.

About an hour on that road and Max came to the front crying and drooling.  He had this look - "Make it stop!"  Poor baby, I have never seen a green cat before and I hope never to see him look this way ever again.  Fortunately for him, we were able to pull off the road for a long lunch.  Unfortunately, we still had another 27 miles to go on this road and we could not zip through it.
Max looks more alert today and just as mischievousness! 
Both cats did a lot better during the third day of traveling after a long night's sleep and a smoother, not to mention, shorter drive to our destination.  Everyone had a turn outdoors once we were settled and they are looking a lot more relaxed this morning.  Our cats really amaze us at times - to have both of them come to the front and actually tell us that they were not doing well instead of hiding in the back and suffering.
R.I.P ~ Old Man Winter! ~ Gila Bend FamCamp
It is nice to be back in Tucson, back to blue skies, desert settings of mountains and cacti, with plenty of hot dry weather.  Unlike California's tinderbox, Tucson is very green right now.  This is a very nice change from the cold and wet weather along the coast.  I enjoyed the heavy mists and overcast days, but I feel like we never had a summer.  Now we are finally getting some nice summer weather....yep, just in time for winter.
Dust crop?
Happy Trails!


  1. I am going to bring my cat with me this time on my shop hop travels. The dog has always traveled with me but the cat is a new addition to my family. Any advice for a traveler that hasn't traveled with a cat before? PS. We will all be in a Honda Element by day and hotel rooms by night.

  2. Hi Jamie, Every cat is different. Maybe yours will enjoy traveling in the car since it has a dog companion.
    If not, try to give your cat a hiding place - draped blanket over the back seat or keep a small kennel on the floor. Sprinkle a few favorite toys around for the scent.
    I would also keep a leash and a harness on him/her for the trip until you are sure your cat will not try to escape when you open your door. Nothing is worse than a runaway cat in unfamiliar areas.
    Does anyone else have a suggestion?

  3. Poor furbabies! At least its over now. I hope you are enjoying the desert side of the states now - we could use some rain here! Driest in years! Hope you enjoyed the Oregon Coast and next time you're up in Sutherlin, you need to check out the peacocks at Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park. Cats would probably not dig it much though :o)

  4. Very smart cats you have, to let you know that they were feeling poorly! I never knew cats could get car sick. Poor thing! Glad they are feeling better now :)

  5. The turbines seem to be placed a lot closer together out there than they do here. The picture of Dusty is so nice with the sunshine.


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