Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disappearing Ink? (Mount Vernon, WA)

We went to Mount Vernon Farmer's Market a couple of weekends ago.  I am rarely in the right place at the right time to visit one, so this was a lot of fun for me.  It was so festive with balloon makers....
displays of fruits.... 
and flowers.
Dogs making friends - four legged and two legged - no discrimination here.
Including a little Shakespeare for entertainment. 
After buying some delicious 9-grain bread, fruit, and veggies, we walked a couple of blocks to the downtown area.  Right on the first corner was a quilt shop called Calico Creations!  No website, but they are on Facebook.
Of course, I had to stop in.  I found a backing for my last quilt top on the sales shelf.  It is not quite what I was looking for, but the price was right and the colors are almost a perfect match.  This quilt is wider than 42 inches, so I need to piece the backing to make it bigger.  Maybe, I'll use some of the leftover squares.  Piecing a backing will be a first for me.
We strolled along South 1st Street and came to the conclusion that the locals in this area are very productive.  There were two yarn shops and the quilt shop on one street.  So I guess when they are not growing delicious foods for us to eat, they are making beautiful items to enjoy.

On The Cutting Board

Have you heard about the new gel pen by Pilot called Frixion?  It is an erasable ink pen.  There is an eraser, well sort of, on one end.  Not quite like the pencil erasers we are use to, but it does erase the ink from paper.  I found a pack of three in Office Depot.  Some quilt shops are starting to carry them, but the price is a little too high for my budget.

I wish I could remember this quilter's name.  I read in her blog about how she used the Frixion to mark her fabric and then ironed away the ink when she was done.  I thought that is perfect for marking a quilt top that will sit in my hoop - as long as I don't put any heat on the markings.
***Thank you Suzie for letting me know it was your blog!   Excellent!  So here's a link to Suzie's post about the pens in "Trying to Bloom Where I am Planted...Are You?".  Enjoy!***

Of course, I had to test this for myself.  I found a small scrap and wrote my name in red.
The iron is set on wool.  Add a little heat....
and Ta!Da! half my name is gone.  I even looked at the back to see if there was any ink left.  None!
I did it again in black and I went over it several times.  Not a problem.  Gone with a little heat from the iron.  I just love new technology.  What will they think of next?
Happy Quilting!


  1. That was me Sandy! I did a review of the Frixon pens...pilot sent me a handful when I told them I blogged about them. Aren't they cool? Always test them on your fabric first, though, I did have a line I could not get rid of on a dark color fabric, it kind of "bleached" the fabric. It's the only time I've had a problem.

    I have pieced lots of backs together, it's really easy, you won't have any trouble I'm sure.
    P.S. Don't you love to look at quilt shop's sale section? I always find something to buy.

  2. Any bed-sized quilt I have made has had a pieced backing. I like the idea of using blocks but I have never made more than needed for the front. The pens I use to mark quilting lines are usually those that go away with a dab of water.


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