Friday, August 17, 2012

Be Very "Bear Aware" (Pacific City, OR)

Before we left Seaside, we spent one afternoon at Cannon Beach.  I wanted to see the Haystack and get some photos of it.  There was a heavy mist hanging over the beach, but that did not dampen the spirits of the beach visitors.  People walking up and down the beach, flying kites, and playing in the surf.
This Dad has his own way of keeping his son fit.  They were playing catch the kite.
This is what I came for - the Haystack.  Even the heavy mist with the sun peeking out added a great atmosphere to the beach photos.

Pacific City
We got a great spot this time considering it is high tourist season and there were not that many open spaces when we got here.  Timing is everything.  Not only did we get full hook-ups, I have cable TV!  Yea!  I can watch something else besides our DVDs or a fuzzy antenna channel. nice!

The Welcome sign says 'Be Very "Bear Aware"'.  We were warned not to leave any food outside our motorhome.  Lots of wildlife in the area - bear, raccoon, and rabbits.  So far, we have only seen rabbits, but I am keeping my eye out for bears.  The rabbits are not shy and some will start towards you if they think you have food.
Our site is a short walk across the road and down a semi-steep dune.  We can hear the ocean while we are sitting outside.  It is so nice to be this close to the sea.  The beach has some interesting rock formations.  Great for exploring and photos...of course.
Looking towards Pacific City
We are about 3 miles north of Pacific City by road.  By beach, we can walk there in less than 2 miles.
Last photo for today.  The owner had a ball that he was throwing for his dog.  That dog had eyes for nothing else.  We walked by.  Another dog and owner walked by and all that dog did was tell his owner: "Throw the ball!  Throw the Ball!"
A man and his dog
Happy Trails!


  1. Great photos, as always. The beach weather looks so nice and cool. I love to be on the beach when it is not too hot.

  2. What great photos! The seagull flying is my favorite.

  3. You captured the Oregon Coast! Great pictures Sandy!

  4. Dear Sandy, thank you so much for sharing! The pictures are awesome - I held my breath when opened the post - amazing! The pictures with the mist keep me coming back. Thank you again.

  5. You got some amazing photos, really beautiful! The mist did add such a lovely atmosphere to the shots. I've ever been to the Oregon coast, but it looks gorgeous :-)

  6. Lovely photos!
    It's so nice to be near the ocean, especially along the Oregon coast....although I wouldn't mind being along the coast of the Caribbean either ;)


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