Monday, August 20, 2012

Exploring the Three Capes (Pacific City, OR)

We drove the three Capes Route.  It was very scenic.  My favorite was the Three Arch Rocks in the ocean which has been a National Wildlife Refuge since the early 1900s.
There was some serious road work just outside Oceanside.  While we were waiting our turn, this was our view.  I played tourist and hung out the car window taking photos.
We have been to Cape Meares State Park before, but I love going there for the scenic views and for the lighthouse.  This is the shortest lighthouse in Oregon.  I love it's location.  I tried to get a good photo of the Three Arch Rocks from the lighthouse, but the low lying clouds were not cooperating.
Near the lighthouse is the Octopus Tree - another hard subject to photograph.  The sign says the Sitka Spruce is about 250-300 years old.
Okay, one move view of the coast before I move on...

On The Cutting Board
So, when I am not out seeing the sights, I have been hand-quilting the Gift Shop sign.  About halfway through, I was beginning to wish I had used the sewing machine.  It was taking longer than I had planned.  Now that I am done, I'm glad I did not.
Well, off to work on adding a border and attaching the autumn leaf.
Happy Quilting!

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