Sunday, August 5, 2012

Traveling South (Mount Vernon, WA)

Today, we say good-bye to Washington State.  We have enjoyed our stay.  I know we have been here since May, but it feels a lot shorter.  However, we need to start our trek south to Arizona if we are going to enjoy the views along the way.  By the next post, we will be settled on the Oregon Coast.  Another area that we can easily spend all summer exploring.

Here are some photos from our drive on Chuckanut Drive.
Framed views from a pullover area
Tree hugging a rock
 Views of Larrabee State Park:
Larrabee State Park

And a few from the RV park at the Oak Harbor NAS:
Great views of the ocean
See the RV up on the hill?
Driftwood sculptures are scattered throughout the park
There were a couple of JOY driftwood signs
It has been such a joy and I hope we return soon.  Well, I don't have a thing to show you for On The Cutting Board, but I will be working on some projects during our next two days on the road.

Happy Trails!


  1. My kids were enjoying the Oregon coast and extended family a week ago I am looking forward to your pictures with or without the cutting-board.

  2. oh!!! I should have checked sooner!! I might have gotten to see you!! We were so tired yesterday though that we didn't go anywhere. We're heading over to Cliffside this week to check out the new campground. It looks nice over there. The view is always gorgeous!!

    Have a wonderful time on the coast!! We're heading to IA next week. I'm enjoying our vacation time here in Whidbey!

  3. I am so happy you checked out Chuckanut Drive and Larabee SP!!! I have fond memories of bike rides to that park in the summers and YMCA day camps in the bay :o) Enjoy the Oregon Coast, if you find yourself headed for a while in the Lincoln City, Newport, Waldport area, let me know!

  4. Enjoy the Oregon Coast! We were just there on Saturday (Newport) to beat the heat. We went to the aquarium there (wrote a blog post about it just today!).
    Have a safe journey!! :)

    1. Thanks, We are! I just love it here. I will stop by to see your post.

  5. looks just gorgeous!! beautiful photos..have fun!!

    1. Thanks Annmarie! We most certainly are having fun!


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