Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sand Between Our Toes (Seaside, OR)

Tomorrow is a travel day for us.  It is short in miles, but long in travel time.  Lots of winding roads, slow speeds, and heavy traffic, but the views will be grand along the way.  Next stop: Pacific City (74 miles south on Hwy 101).

We visited Fort Stevens State Park at the mouth of Columbia River.  I found the old shipwreck the most interesting part of the park.  I walked around it a couple of times.  The fort still has the old gun batteries.  Some are 90 years old.  We did not spend too much time looking at them since the area was very busy.
The Bones of  the Peter Iredale - early 1900s
We spent some time at a small lookout watching many birds and a ship go by.
Ship starting up the Columbia River
We visited Cape Disappointment a couple of years ago and decided we would not visit it this time.
Cape Disappointment, WA
There were quite a few Swallow's nests filled with babies.  Mommies and Daddies stayed busy feeding the hungry little ones.  The babies certainly knew which parent belonged to them.  I watched this nest for a while.  The babies stayed quiet with many adults flying by, but when Mama showed up....
Me First! Me First! Me First!
On another day, we drove south of Cannon Beach.  We stopped at some pullovers to see the view.  Can you blame us?  Just breath-taking...

Last Saturday, we took our evening walk on Seaside's Promenade.  Seaside was hosting a Volley Ball Competition and the beach was just alive with people!  It looked like they had setup 100 volley ball nets, but the main attraction was the competition.
Not everyone was interested in volley ball.  Many were just enjoying the warm summer evening on the beach.

There were thousands of birds everywhere...seagulls, skimmers, and pelicans.

A wonderful summer's eve filled with great memories....wish you were here!


  1. Wow! The shipwreck is amazing and so much fun to look at. And the baby swallows! Great shot there! The views you saw on the drive are excellent. Always a pleasure to visit your blog! I wish I was there too!
    from Blogging Buddies

  2. Wonderful pictures. The wrecked ship looks like one on Cape Cod. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh I do love your pictures! No tsunami debris yet?
    The swallow babies are so cute.

  4. Oh, wish I was there too.. Gorgeous photos, esp. the first one of the shipwreck. So interesting! xo

  5. Loving all the photos...as always!

  6. Thank you again, your blog is amazing. Even though I was not there with you, at least I have seen your wonderful pictures.


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