Friday, September 16, 2011

Quilting Day!

I see pins every where!
I spent last night pinning my two tops and watching last season's Castle.  TNT did a marathon, so I'm all caught up now and ready to start the new season on Monday.  I'm sort of glad I did not see Castle when it ended with its cliffhanger and what a cliffhanger it is!  Whew!
Fields of pins!
Okay, I'm off my subject.  It's raining today and I'm glad.  I can spend all day indoors working on my quilt tops and I won't feel guilty about it.

Ready to quilt
Kitties will just have to wait for another day to go outside for a walk.  I wonder if I can get my kitties to do this.  I can give them snack pay fur labor.  ooo!  did I hear a hiss and a yawn?

Time to quilt! Quilt! QUILT!


  1. Oh my! The kitty video is too cute. But since you are a cat owner you must know by now that you can't make a cat do what they don't want to do! While you are "instructing" them, they will just look at you like you are totally boring them.

    I like rainy days too for that same reason. I even find myself hopping into my sweats and curing up to watch a movie, guilt free!

  2. Hi Sher, Yes, you are right. I must come to terms with the sad truth - I do bore them. I am here to entertain and feed them. I better get my act together or they will adopt another servant!

    Me too! Rainy day's are cozy days with sweats, movies, and....cuddling kitties. All is forgiven.


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