Monday, September 12, 2011

All The Little Things Add UP! (Branson, MO)

The cats are loving the change in the weather.  They want to spend more time sitting outside and I can't blame them.  I would put out the screen house, but our site is not very level.  In the meantime, a couple of hours a day should keep them happy.  I hope....
Dusty and Max

My turn to go outside!

I got some great news last Friday.  I won the American Quilter's Society "Blog of the Week"!  All this work on the blog and other social media sites are starting to pay off!  Thank you AQS!

When I am not on the computer or quilting or walking cats, we have been spending some time in Branson. So here are some photos I got recently while walking along the river front.

I got this picture of a duck with its own beehive feathered-doo.

Having a good hair day!

This dog owner had his spurs on while walking his puppy around.  
Cowboy without his horse.
Sunday evening, Branson prepared for a 9-11 Memorial.  We did not stay.  I would have needed a lot of tissues to make it through the memorial.

One of the water fountains.  When I took this picture, I did not see the waves of water until after I loaded the photos.  I think I'll try to take some more if the fountain is running.  They don't seem to run it all the time.

Well, back to my quilting ...and photos.......and FB fan page ..........and Etsy .............and cats............hmmm, I thought I was retired. BUT!.. I would not change a thing!  
Happy Quilting!


  1. Congratulations on your AQS Blog of the Week, i've enjoyed both your quilting and traveling blogs very much. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Deb R! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying them.

  3. Cute kitties! Congratulations on winning AQS's blog of the week!! ^.^

  4. Well done, Sandy! I didn't even know AQS had such a thing. The cats should be smiling for the camera now.

  5. Thanks Aquariann! I love my kitties and I serve them well!

  6. Thanks Julie! AQS runs this on their Facebook Fan Page. It is a great way to meet other quilting bloggers.
    I can only hope to coax a smile out of one of my camera shy cats.


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