Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Featured on ContendedCat! (Branson, MO)

I am having a great week!  First, the temperatures dropped this week.  Cool breezes are coming through open windows and no air conditioning making noise all night long.  I can actually hear the birds singing outside.  This is quilting weather!  Okay, you got me.  It is always quilting weather for me.

The second is even better than the cool temperatures. One of my quilts - Baby's Choice- has been featured on ContendedCat's blog.  Check out the gorgeous cat on her banner.  JadeRose also has some wonderful crochet  patterns.  Thank you JadeRose for featuring my quilt!

We decided to stick around Branson a little longer.  Oklahoma is having problems with wild fires and a lot of smoke.  I'm quite happy to stay here and get more work done on my quilts.  Speaking of quilts...

I could not leave the Kokopeli alone.  I added some dancing dots.  I don't know what else to call them.

Using a larger circle

quick running stitch - gather around smaller circle

ready to iron, pull out circle

pull out circle- perfect little dots

Treasury Tuesday
Treasury Tuesday

Memories of the New Mexico State Fair.  I miss the exhibits, the food, the music, the animals, and even the carnival!


  1. I love your little dancing dots. I'm thinking of all kinds of things to do with them.

  2. Hi Sher, They are fun and easy to make! The hard part was stopping!


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