Monday, May 5, 2014

Time To Go Back To Work (Rapid City, SD)

We are finally seeing some blue skies and warmer weather!  
We took advantage of the nice weather by driving up to Mt Rushmore.  We walked the path and of course, I took lots of photos....
My favorites are the close-ups.  Nothing like looking right up the president's nose!
Lincoln has an evergreen beard....adds a little color, don't you think?
Roosevelt looks like he is in deep thought while peeking out from behind the trees.
I like the way the eyes are carved.  They really stand out.  I can't imagine how the artist knew where to carve when he was so close to the subject's surface.  It isn't like he could step back and see how the progress was going.

After our walk, we had some of Thomas Jefferson's vanilla ice cream made from his own recipe.  Delicious!
As we were leaving the parking lot, we were pleasantly surprised to see this mountain goat family grazing nearby.  It looks like Papa has a collar with a monitor.  They certainly were not skittish of the people stopping to take their photos.
Even the baby seemed aloof of the cars stopping and cameras clicking.  Yep, just another day with tourists!
mama and baby
On The Cutting Board
I'm busy working on more Happy Campers.  I finished the sage green and lavender camper.  It is reserved, so this one will not be in the shop's new listings.  
The puppy in the window came out very well.  He looks the way our cats do when they want to go outside.  I just need to finish the quilting and my patch on the back for the puppy's camper to be done.

This is my next project:  a red and aqua camper.  I have done several campers in this color combo so I'm going to change the embroidery design.

Tomorrow, we move to Glenrock, WY to start our new part-time jobs.  I must admit that I am not looking forward to going back to work and losing some of my sewing time.  Oh well!  I'm sure we will have fun because they have lots of water activities and barbecues for their guests.  I am looking forward to some warmer weather and being able to sit outdoors.   Hmm, I better stock up on some good sun blocker.  It has been a long time since we have spent the day in the sun.
Happy Quilting!


  1. How nice! I have wanted to get out to Rushmore for years now. One of these days I will make it. How luck to see the goats, too!

  2. Awesome photos of the presidents! I have never been there--want to go! also awesome campers! Love your work!

  3. That looks just like my Emma in the trailer window! ;)

  4. That photo of Mt. Rushmore takes me back a while ... about 50 some years ... It does look great against that blue sky. I like those fancy door knobs ... especially the heart.

  5. Have safe travels. Next summer talk your hubby into going to MN so that we can shop hop! hehe
    Enjoy your new job. You will have alot of fun with it I'm sure!


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