Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Good Day for Snow (Glenrock, WY)

Dan has been working since we arrived while I have spent most of my time working inside our motorhome.  I did a little spring cleaning.  I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can open the windows and do some major cleaning.  Nothing like fresh air to get me in the mood for a good spring cleaning.
On Sunday, Dan had a snow day.  He was happy for a break.  He is enjoying his new job, but he is not use to the labor work every day.  This is probably the first time since we started full-timing that we were happy to have snow.  It snowed all day.  I'm not use to seeing the wind blowing so hard that the snow came in sideways, but it didn't stick.  Even the snow on the car did not stay long.  We heard that south of Casper got quite a few inches.  Talk about a late spring, eh?

Another good quilting mystery!  This time Meadow talks Beatrice into crashing a meeting for appointing a guild to establish a quilting scholarship by an eccentric and very despised matron.  It doesn't bother Meadow at all that her guild was not invited or that the meeting is up a lonely mountain road or that it is in the middle of winter and it is snowing.  Oh, did I mention that no one knows where they are going?  Now, there's a lesson learned.

This has the shades of Agatha Christie when the invited and yes, the uninvited guild members are stranded at the matron's old Victorian home with no power, no heat, very little food, no cell phone reception (Oh No!), and a body.

Beatrice immediately takes over when she realizes the person did not die naturally and starts to investigate the stranded quilters.  Keep in mind, they are also stranded with a killer with a motive or is she just crazy and likes to kill?  This gives us a chance to meet more strange a quirky characters that I feel Ms. Craig has become quite good at creating.

I like the story, but there was more investigating and less quilting.  When Beatrice started interviewing each suspect like a police officer, I found myself starting to skim the pages.  I prefer the accidental conversations people have with the sleuth and the sleuth starts putting the puzzle pieces together instead of an actual investigation.  There is some quilting because all the quilters except for Beatrice came with traveling quilt packs.  Now, that is some well prepared quilters!
If you are a cozy murder mystery reader, I'm sure you will enjoy reading this book.

On The Cutting Board
I haven't started working yet.  I was suppose to start this Thursday, but I was told yesterday that I would not be needed for another week.  I get the feeling that they need Dan's muscles more than they need another office person.  Maybe they will let me paint some picnic tables...
Anyway, with Dan outside most of the day, I'm taking advantage of my unscheduled free time to get more Happy Campers done.  I wanted to get more tops done before I start assembling them on the sewing machine.
I can't stop coming up with new ideas.  I barely finish one and I have another idea of what I would do different the next time.  Since I don't want to change the one I'm working on, I go back to the drawing board to sketch out my ideas before I forget.  Then, I want to start on the new idea to see if it is going to work out.....and before I know it I have six tops, but none finished.
A sneak peek of the one I'm working on now.
Well, I finally had to put my foot down...yes, my own foot down on myself......and I told myself that this is enough. Yea, I don't always listen to myself.
If I can stop making new ones, I want to have the six above ready for the sewing machine by this weekend.  I haven't done a single buttonhole stitch to tack down the fused fabric on any of them.  Hopefully, I will get them listed sometime next week.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Snow in may! That would be enough to keep me inside creating too. It looks like that set of campers is well on its way.

  2. I was wondering if you were enjoying the snow. We didn't get any, thankfully. I'm glad that we didn't get any. I'm hoping that the cold rain will stop though so I can get out and get the garden planted. Love the new mug rugs!

  3. I like your little Happy Campers !


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