Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sewing Sweet Sewing (Glenrock, WY)

We drove to Douglas yesterday to do a little shopping and exploring.  On our way to Douglas, we took a small side trip to Ayers Natural Bridge park.  Many of the Oregon Trail settlers wrote about this unusual bridge while they were stopped here on their way west including one man from the Donner party.
We are visiting at a good time.  Everything is so green right now with all the precipitation
 this area has had this winter.  We climbed one of the trails leading to the top of the natural bridge.  A little rough going and a little steep at times, but very short.  The view was worth the climb!
I wish I had brought my 500 mm lens to get photos of some of the birds.  This looks like an excellent resting area for migrating birds.  There were quite a few small yellow and blue birds that looked quite interesting.  Maybe next time.... 
Old power house with swallow's nests
I'm hoping to see more birds around the campground as the weather warms up.  I did see a Bald Eagle in a fight with two hawks.  I had to wonder if there was a nest nearby and they were keeping the Eagle away from their young ones.
On The Cutting Board
I'm spending all my free time working on six Happy Campers.  The large aqua/red Happy Camper with the lace has been reserved, but I still have six to list with one mug rug that I had finished a couple of weeks ago.
 These are ready to be assembled and quilted.  I hope to have all six finished before next weekend.  I'm getting a little more efficient with my sewing and assembly time since I cannot speed up my hand sewing time.
Below is the puppy in the window.  This one will be listed with the other five Happy Campers.
If I manage to get all six mug rugs done and listed by next weekend, it'll be a new record for me.  A total of eight Happy Campers in one month.  Hmm, I wonder if I can break it again next month?  Hard to say....
Happy Quilting!


  1. Your Happy Campers are so cute. Just wish you had motorhomes too.

  2. Thanks Nan, I have made a couple of motorhome mug rugs. They are not as simple to make, but I'll give it some thought and see what I can come up with for a motorhome happy camper.

  3. Hi Sandy. let's hope this comment gets through to you! What a fascinating bridge and a beautiful view. It makes the climb worthwhile. Gorgeous Happy Campers as always. Maggie x

  4. Love the cute campers! Hope you are well...
    What a strange year(s) for weather..


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