Monday, August 26, 2013

Time To Move South (Seaside, OR)

Where did the time go?  Our two week stay in Seaside just flew by.  Between visiting family, taking care of some motorhome problems, shopping, and finishing two more custom orders...well, I can say we did not sit around twirling our thumbs.
Travel day - time to move back to Pacific City for the next two weeks.  Then we will come back here for another two weeks before heading farther south along Oregon's coast.  Which reminds me....I have updated our travel map page.  The last place I logged in was back in Idaho.  Yea, I was a little behind on keeping that up-to-date.

On The Cutting Board
I will be mailing six mug rugs to three different customers today.  This will be a first for me!  I finished the two "Travels with Emma" on Friday night and I was able to finish another custom order for a red/aqua Happy Camper over the weekend.  Having a pattern and a plan makes the work go a lot faster.
 I also sold the last maroon/tan Happy Camper with the two Sheepish Lamb mug rugs.
I was so excited over selling so many this month that I pulled out some half done mug rugs and I plan to finish them within the next two weeks.
I will be making more Happy Campers.  I have some more trailers all cut out, but I want to get these four mug rugs done first.  Once I start adding embellishments..well, let me just say I might working on one for a while.  I really enjoy creating and designing the trailers.
Frog design from PC Crafter - no name
Halloween will be here soon...and Thanksgiving....and Christmas....okay....breathe

Hood to Coast Relay
On Saturday, we walked downtown to watch the runners for the Hood to Coast Relay cross the finish line.  
In 1982, they started with 8 teams.  Today, there were 1,050 teams of 12 runners running a relay for 198 miles.   They started on Friday and finished on Saturday.  It was very inspiring to see so many people take on this challenge.
Each team was able to follow their finishing team member across the finishing line.  I thought that was a nice touch.
Each runner had to run 3 legs of the race.  The relay started on Mt. Hood and finished on Seaside's beach.
Lots of support
 They had live music, food, and fireworks that night.  Seaside was booming with life and energy.  I like the running shoes on top of this team support van.

Time to pack up and head on down the road...
Happy Trails!


  1. Okay, now I'm excited! I appreciate you letting me debut them on my blog. :) I can't wait to see them.

  2. I see there are a lot of fires between you and the south. My son returned to fire duty after a short visit. Congratulations on the sales. I couldn't help thinking of you when my daughter took me to Fabric Depot and I saw a pile of owl mats. You know I love owls but those were just fused and zig-zaged over rather loosely. I wonder how long something like that would hold up? Yours are so carefully made.


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