Thursday, August 22, 2013

Carousels Go Round and Round (Seaside, OR)

We had a great time visiting with Dan's aunt in Astoria.  We swapped lots of travel stories.  Dan's aunt and uncle have been to Thailand several times.  A place we would love to see someday, so we really enjoyed hearing about their experiences.
Dan's cousin also came for a visit so we could meet his family and get caught up.  We only had some 30+ years of catching up to do.  It was wonderful and talk about a "Traveler", his cousin's work as a camera man has taken him all over the world. 
We spent a second day with Dan's cousin and family in Seaside.  We met at the carousel while their son enjoyed a few rides on the carousel.  Afterwards, we enjoyed walking around Seaside's downtown and beach area.  Hopefully, we will get together again in the future especially if we decide to lease a lot in Sutherlin, OR.
Guess which one is my favorite...
Dan and I have been enjoying the blue skies and warmer weather with long walks around Seaside.  
We have been walking to the downtown area which is about 2 miles away from the campground.  I never tire of looking at the beach style homes with their gardens along the way and the boardwalk along the beach. 
 The downtown area also has a wide variety of flowers.  I don't recognize most of the flowers, but would love to have a garden filled with them.
I love these poppies with the black spots against the purple.
On The Cutting Board
The "Travels with Emma" order is almost done.  I have one quilted and I am working on the second one today.  I need to add my patch to the back and a button for a door handle.....
 and they will be ready to mail by Monday!  Yea!
So, back to work.  I really like saying that.  It is probably the only time that I have ever looked forward to working...but it doesn't feel like work..more like....
Happy Quilting!

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  1. Oops! I spoke too soon. I somehow missed this post. The mug rugs are adorable! I like seeing Emma in the window, and that welcome bone is perfect!


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