Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now (Seaside, OR)

On The Cutting Board
I had a few false starts on this custom order.  The request included a black dog and two birds using the pretty grey fabric.  Choosing the clipart of dogs wasn't a problem since I have some wonderful clipart designed by Laurie Furnell.  Birds were a little harder because I could go in any direction.  I thought about using a hummingbird and a Great Blue Heron, but no of the clipart appealed to me. 

 Back to my stash of clipart.  Laurie to the rescue again!  In her "Autumn Thyme", I found some birds that were perfect.  I wish PC Hugs would reopen their website.  They had the best selection of royalty-free clipart for sale.
You might say the mug rug was out of focus for awhile.  I knew what I wanted to do, but the overall picture just wasn't coming together.  Finally, I decided that the mug rug could not be long and slim like the motorhome.  I kept adding to the roof to make it taller.  It became short and quite plump.  Now it looks more like a mug rug.

Once I got the size, I realized that "Travels with Emma" and the birds were not going to show up too well with a grey background.  Back to the drawing, I decided to embroider the title and birds inside the cream color design which means more adjusting.  I made the cream design more plump with lots of area for the embroidery.
 Ta Da!  I think Emma (dog) in the window and the cream design worked out quite well.....and....
"I can see clearly now!".... the design that is....
Emma's tongue barely shows in this photo.  I might re-do her tongue in a darker pink.  Her paw is going to hang out the window once I have added it to the background.
This is all I have done for now.  We moved on Monday to Seaside, OR.  Back to civilization and shopping.  Speaking of shopping. We went shopping yesterday in Hillsboro which is about an hour and a half from here.  I did not get much done, but it was so nice to be near stores and restaurants.

Cape Lookout Photos
We walked to Cape Lookout near Pacific City before we left the area.  This trail is only 2.4 miles or 4.8 miles round trip with a 400 ft elevation gain.  The biggest problem is the deep mud on the trails.
 It was foggy and very wet, but it was worth the walk.  I like walking in the fog.   It changes everything around me.  
Colors are more vibrant and the smell of damp wood fills the air.  Not to mention, the imagination can really get going at times.
I have to wonder just how Cape Lookout got its name.  During the time we were staying in the area, the cape was constantly covered in low clouds.  The state park mentions a lighthouse, but I did not see one.
I would spend more time researching the history, but I hear some mug rugs calling my name.
 Happy Trails!


  1. I think they might be referring to the light at Cape Meares which looks out to Cape Lookout, but I could be wrong. Lovely photos. We love fog as well.

  2. I love the details on your planning and designing process. It's nice to know others go round and round sometimes until everything gels! 'can't wait to see your finished mug rug!

    1. Hi Daphne and Steve, You can see the finished mug rugs. I posted "Travels with Emma" in
      Thanks, Sandy


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