Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dyed Red With Embarrassment (Pacific City, OR)

On The Cutting Board
I'm so embarrassed.  I was almost finished with Harvey J.  He was shaping up so well.  I wanted to wash out the pencil outlines along the edges before I started quilting.  I had used a new pencil and it was not washing out as easy as my old pencil.  So I used a little soap....should not be a problem since I pre-wash all my fabrics especially the red.  BUT, I was wrong.  The dye in the red embroidery thread ran.  I thought it was just the red showing through the wet aqua.  As I ironed the lower end, the red disappeared as the fabric dried, but the top stayed red!  OH NO!
This is the mess I had to share with my customer.  I told her I would start another, but I am out of the light aqua and would have to use something different...

..and I actually like the new fabric better.  I hope she does too.  I took the following photos this morning.  To me, the embroidery pops out so much more with this color.  I can't wait to see the finished project!
Oh, and I pre-washed the red embroidery thread. I was worried the thread would end up a tangled mess so I wound it around a plastic cup and sunk it in warm soapy water.  It worked very well.   I always thought the embroidery threads were die-cast and would not run if wet.  Well, I will never assume that again. I plan to do that from now on with my reds and purples.
More Beach Photos
 It has been too foggy to take photos of this area, so here are a few more photos from the Newport area...
 Most of these were taken on the Ona Beach State Park walking south to the Seal Rocks State Park.
 A very nice place to walk and to explore during low tide.
 I just love the rock formations.
Aren't these gorgeous?  I don't know what they are except they grow on a bush in Waldport.
Well, back to work...Happy Quilting!


  1. How frustrating after all that work!

  2. THAT was a public service announcement! I never thought that floss would run, but red is such a wonderful, EVIL color sometimes! I embroider wool felt and will keep that in mind; even though wool is rarely washed, it is worth noting for anyone who does ANY embroidery!

    1. I always like to share even the embarrassing mistakes!

  3. Such a shame about the red dye. And loving the aqua fabric for the new Harvey J! Those rock formations look really interesting. Xx

  4. That is something I wouldn't have expected. I think I would complain to the company who made it. Thanks for the lovely views.


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