Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Cosmos and The Great Blue Heron (Seaside, OR)

The Thousands Trails campground in Seaside has a wonderful gardener.  Minda does a lovely job of giving us a wide selection of colorful flowers throughout the campground.  I took only a couple of photos while talking to her about the different flowers she had planted.  
Cosmos are everywhere!  They are one of my favorites with their big blossoms and fern-like leaves.  They look so delicate and yet they get so tall.  They are also an invasive plant. I use to grow them in Albuquerque and they spread out all over the yard.  Saved me from buying more each year.  I miss my gardens.  It is so nice to have Minda's gardens to view while we are here.
pink cosmos
While walking into town, we came across a Great Blue Heron doing some fishing near the road.  I'm so glad I had my camera!
He did not feel so happy about me taking his picture.  We certainly heard about it too as he flew away squawking the whole time!
On The Cutting Board
I'm slowly getting "Travels with Emma" to the finish line.  I did some more adjustments on the wording and on Emma.  This is the old photo before the changes.
I changed Emma's tongue to a darker pink.  I added her paw out the window and I thought it would be cute to add a "Welcome" sign in the shape of a dog's bone.  What dog doesn't like to greet new people and to have a dog's bone?
I did not like the way the 's' looked in Travels when it was embroidered.  So a little ripping out and redesigning....
   Yea, I like this 's' a lot better.
This photo was taken this morning.  I finished the embroidery on one and I am halfway through the second one.
Well, I still have lots to do and I really need to get back to work.  I'm hoping to have both done by Tuesday at the latest.  But, they will have to wait until tonight, we are getting ready to go to Astoria today to visit with Dan's aunt and her family.  We are off to have a great visit.  We have lots of catching up to do since I can't remember the last time we saw them.  
Happy Quilting!


  1. I just love your creative bits and pieces. Emma can't be anything but satisfied. I have seen some cosmos hybrids that are just as beautiful and about a quarter or third of the height.

  2. My mum grows cosmos from seed every year and gives the plants to my sisters and myself. I'm always amazed by their abundant flowers and they seem to last well into the colder weather. Your mug rug is coming along beautifully. The little dog is very cute with its little paw! X


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