Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When A Bald Eagle Sits On A Rock (Blaine, WA)

The past couple of days have been very overcast with lots of rain so I haven't been taking a lot of photos. Which also means I haven't been packing all my camera gear.  Well, that turned out to be a mistake.  

We sighted this Bald Eagle sitting on a rock during low tide and not too far from the road....just far enough though to be out of range for my 300mm lens...darn it!  I took the shot anyway, because I wanted proof that I actually saw the Bald Eagle sitting there...
and then a Great Blue Heron started flying by.  I thought what a great photo that will be if he flies close enough to the Eagle...but he did see him and he moved to the other side of the water.   I barely got the two together.  I think if the Eagle wanted the Heron, he could have got him.  As you can see, he only watched the Heron fly by.  No interest in having bird today, he was fishing.
After that exciting sighting, we drove out to Semiahmoo Resort and point.  We viewed Canada from across the water with a bunch of Seagulls watching us.
I like this old boat.  It has a lot of character and those are Seagulls sitting in a row on the rooftop.
We also took a stroll through the Peace Arch Park.  Within the park, we were able to walk across the border into Canada and back.  We walked out to the center near the arch where we could see both border gates staying busy with a long line of cars.
 They have some beautiful gardens to stroll around in and artwork on display from both countries.
Canadian Gothic ~ Spaghetti Fork
Big Bird
On The Cutting Board
I have been transferring my new embroidery project to some high quality muslin.  I'm using a very fine point (.20mm) permanent pen this time.  
 The designs have very tiny details and I was afraid that using a mechanical pencil would merge some of the details.  Doing the embroidery will be quite a challenge.  I have never done such tiny work.  I might need to pull out my magnifying glass!  :0)
The best part of today was visiting the Tangled Threads Quilt Shop in Lynden.  I was greeted by a very cheerful person.  After asking if I needed help which I did not, she invited me to browse as long as I liked and she would be in the back.   I had a fabulous time going from room to fabric-filled room.  Too many choices!   One room had a couple of shelves filled with fat-quarters (buy 5 and get 1 free).  I decided that was my best bet since I could not make up my mind.
I feel I made the right choice.  I just love these colors!  Not bad for a little over $10!
Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!


  1. Yeah, you guys had almost an inch of rain yesterday! Glad you're enjoying your trip. A great place for bald eagle watching is the Nooksack River! -M

    1. Hi M, We will keep Nooksack River in mind. Next week, we move to La Conner where there are a couple of residential Bald Eagles living near the RV park. I hope to see them again.

  2. I love Tangled Threads!! That store is so much fun to go through!! Have a wonderful and safe fourth!

  3. Great bird sightings! That old boat is neat, too - I wonder what sea tales it would tell if it could talk. ;D

    -:¦:- Featured Photo: Red, White and Blue Flowers -:¦:-


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