Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Maiden of Deception Pass (La Conner, WA)

One of our many favorite stops in this area is the Rosario Beach Park.  It is a small inlet close to Deception Pass Bridge with deep waters allowing boaters to come and go.  Most of the time it is a quiet area, but once in a while a naval jet fighter will fly over to remind us that we are not far from civilization.  I love coming here and walking along the beach area.
view from the pier
This is a Samish story pole called The Maiden of Deception Pass.  There's an interesting story about her printed on plaques surrounding her.  So I find myself watching people slowly circling her while they read her story.   I also found a page on the carving with pictures of the story pole here.
They say you can still see the Maiden's hair floating in the Deception Pass waters....

We spent some time watching the Swallows zip around us.  I did not even try to take their pictures since I'm sure I would either miss or get nothing but a blur of a black streak across the photo.  Then Dan noticed one sitting on a cross beam just below the pier.  When we looked a little closer, there were quite a few sitting on the the cross beams resting.
peeking at you, peeking at me

fluffed up and cooling off
At the Car Wash
This gorgeous Dahlia was growing outside the car wash's office.  I wonder how many people stop to take photos of it?

On The Cutting Board

Finished the top for the gift shop wall hanging.  I have plenty of leftover batting so I should be able to finish this one up soon.  

Well, right after I finish another wall hanging top that I just started.  I'll show it to you next time.

I'll leave you with this cute clip that SpartanBabe shared with me from the "Emperor's New Groove.   It's very funny!  Lots of Squeakers in this clip....

Happy Quilting


  1. Some of the best rocks to drill for jewelry are from that area! It's gorgeous. Nice photos!

    1. Thanks Nicole! We were noticing the rocks along the shore. Quite a selection!

  2. I'm trying to see the maiden's hair in the water . . .

    What a wonderful dahlia! I never grow those because they are not winter hardy, but you've got me thinking maybe I should.

  3. Squeak-Squeaker! Great photos! You just keep adding to the list of reasons why the girls and I need to visit WA next summer!

  4. Hi!! Change in plans for us. I will be in Oak Harbor next Friday. Will you still be there? A plane ticket for Trey was way too expensive so we decided just to drive up. I have some friends we'll be staying with. We'll be there until Aug 13th. I hope that we can get together!

  5. Fascinating maiden! You captured the pole so well, I just had to read her story.

    And wow, that Dahlia is gorgeous. I'd certainly stop to take a photo, too!


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