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A Stitch Before Dying (La Conner, WA)

A Stitch Before Dying (Black Sheep Knitting Mystery)
A Stitch Before Dying by Anne Canadeo
This is #3 in the Black Sheep Knitters cozy murder mystery.  This time Maggie - owner and teacher of the Black Sheep Yarn Shop is invited to teach at a new age health spa at a mountain resort over a weekend and she is able to bring all her friends from the knitting circle along for free room and board.  I'd like to have Maggie as my friend.

So, you are probably wondering what a knitting instructor would be teaching at a new age health spa.  Yea, me too!  Meditative knitting or as Anne Canadeo put it - Is knitting the new yoga?  I'll probably stick with my yoga practice, but I do understand where she is going with this idea.  I think anything a person does with their hands that has them meditating to a point of calming their mind, getting rid of their anxieties, and slowing down their heart can give a person a zen feeling.  I often pull out my quilting or crocheting when I am worried.  It is nice to keep my hands busy and let my mind roam free...soon I am breathing deeply and my shoulders have relaxed.

Okay, back to the story.  So, the Black Sheep Knitters are sharing their meditative knitting when one of the guests is found dead....yes, murdered.  Suddenly, the new age health spa doesn't feel so healthy and the zen moment is gone. What's even worse is the fact that no one can leave and that probably includes the murder.   Of course, that doesn't keep Maggie and the others from their knitting with an open invitation for all guests to come join them as they stitch together the clues of who done it.
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Not only did I enjoy reading this book, I also learned something new. Anne is real good about slipping in lessons about the knitting world while she entertains her readers with her story. This time I learned about Random Knitting. After doing some online searching, I found a perfect website with great examples in Knot Just Knitting and it turns out Prudence is also selling her PDF patterns in Etsy! As you can see from the photos from Etsy via Pinterest, she does some fabulous work. It sort of reminds me of crazy quilting.
Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

According to Maggie, you just stitch whatever you feel like doing. If you want to see what can be made from this free-form knitting, click on this Gallery link or the one above. Prudence has some examples of clothing and handbags. They are gorgeous! But, I'm not taking up knitting. I can get plenty of meditative time with my quilting and embroidery projects.

On the Cutting Board
Speaking of quilting....I put it aside for the last couple of day to sew together this little bear.  I finished putting him together last night.
I'm not quite done with him though.  I'm going to give him a coffee bath to age him a little.  I used some high-quality muslin with a tight weave and a 200-thread count.  I hope the coffee gives the muslin a good stain.
Oh, and the bear also has something to do with the crazy quilt from the last post.  If all goes well, this project will be done in time for the next posting.  ;0)

So peaceful
Happy Quilting!


  1. WOW. I am looking at the freeform knitting picture and I absolutely LOVE IT. I cannot knit a single bit, but I think that I could try some freeform crocheting instead :) It looks great. Have you made anything? I would really like to see the photos :)
    Have a nice day and happy knitting.

    1. They are amazing and no, I haven't tried Random Knitting. I don't know how to knit. Well, I do, but nothing like that. I'm going to stick to quilting.

  2. I've enjoyed reading that series too!

    Free form knitting does look a bit like a Crazy Quilt! I could see trying it with a scarf.

    1. I am really enjoying the Black Sheep series. I hear Anne has another book coming out soon.

      I was wondering if you have tried the random knitting with all your lovely yarn and your expert stitching. Not yet, eh?


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