Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quite a Ruckus (Patagonia, AZ)

Recently, the Preserve has become a lot busier.  Last Saturday, I had what I would call a "human stampede".  I had no idea what was going on.  People were in such a hurry, they were either tossing money at me or leaving it on the desk and running down the path.  Talk about being left in the dust!  LOL!  I found out later someone had posted online about sighting the Rufous-backed Robin. 

Yesterday, it was a group of birders - unannounced and today has been almost as busy.  Most of the birders are going away happy with another check on their "life list".  A very accommodating bird!  
Rufous-backed Robin
Yea?  I think I'm prettier than that guy

Me too!
All the Robins love these berries

I'm keeping this short because I have people to to edit.....birds to chase.....


  1. All of your photos are wonderful but I especially love the berry photos - Do you know what that is? - what kind of berry? (just curious)

    1. Thanks Angie! I was told they are Hackle berries. I haven't tried googling the berries to see if the person is correct.

  2. Nothing like a birder looking for a tick on the life list. Daughter, "there was a barred owl seen at the Audubon area, let's go see it" Me, "and just how big is this area? You really expect to find it in the middle of the day"? So, off we go down the trail with all the kids in tow... and a few minutes out, something swoops over my head and sits in the tree just in front of me. Daughter, "I knew if I brought you I would get to see it" I should have taken a camera with a zoom lens. My eye sight is so poor. Owls find me. Robins? Nice pictures as usual.

  3. Never get in the way of stampeding birders on a mission of a seeing rare bird! Too funny. Your robin photos are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Sib Studio! Yes, I'm becoming aware of that. Next time, I will know better! LOL!

  4. Great photos and funny story. Those sound like some serious bird watchers!


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