Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breaking News? (Patagonia, AZ)

Not the best breaking news - I broke my quilt stand.  Yep, I broke it.  I don't have a level area when I have a quilt in the hoop, but I am not quilting.  I try to balance it with a makeshift box, but it slides out and then the stand tips.  I will have to find another place or a different way to store it.  

I really like my quilt stand because it is very well made by  Hinterberg.  Plus, it is small and easy to break down and store.  I went online to see what was available and the good news - I can order another stand without getting another hoop.  So, I just ordered a new stand that is more adjustable than my old one and my hoop will fit on it.
Quiet Please!
Remember our Western Screech Owl?  Well, recently he has been spending more time in his hole during the day.  The Preserve has had a lot of visitors since the sighting of the Rufous-backed Robin.  I'm so happy the request to see him has slowed down this week.

Many of the visitors wanted to see the owl as well so we explained what he was doing and where he was located.  Would you believe some visitors witnessed someone banging on the Owl's tree trunk?  What is wrong with people?  Do they really think he is going to come out to see who is knocking?  
What really amazed me was how fast this information got around the Birding Community by word of mouth not online.  We had people showing up within a couple of hours and talking to us about the incident.  That warmed my heart to know there were so many concerned people out there worrying about our Owl.

Our manager decided to rope off the area to protect the tree as well as the owl.  People can still see him, but from a distance through the branches. So this is the last good clear view I have of Mr. Owl.

Here's a couple of nature photos:
Doves in the White Sycamores

Tuesday Treasury!


  1. What a sweet owl! Sorry about your stand, so good that you can order a replacement without getting the whole thing new. :o) xo

  2. So strange: people knocking on the dear owl's tree! He most certainly will be annoyed and NOT come out!

    Sorry to hear about your quilt stand too and hope you get it up and going again soon! I love your quilts and work!

    1. Thanks Hello and welcome! I have one on order that is better than the old one. I'll take the break as a good thing.

      A recent visit to Mr. Owl, showed him sitting just inside his home. He is slowly coming back out.

  3. Sorry about your quilting hoop stand! Glad you can order it alone.

    Cute owl. How did you get the woodpecker to stay still? Every time I see one and go to get my camera it flies away!

    1. Hi All Unwound, And the new one is better. It is more adjustable than my old one.

      I think there must have been some very tasty bugs there because he never looked at me. Just pecked away at the wood while I clicked away at him.

  4. I had a quilt stand just like that and it broke in the exact same place. The one I have now is on a better stand that can adjust height and angle so it can be used in chair or stool or even sitting on the floor.
    Great bird pix. I'm glad someone is looking out for the owl.

  5. Sorry about your quilt stand! Glad you can get a new one :)
    The owl and your nature shots are great...as is your treasury :)

  6. That stinks you broke your quilt stand, but I'm glad it's easily replaceable! And grrr to the human that was bothering the owl. He's so cute. ^.^


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